Can SyFy's 12 Monkeys Reboot Work? Surprisingly, Yes

Can SyFy's 12 Monkeys Reboot Work? Surprisingly, Yes

Sure, 12 Monkeys might wind up being 13 episodes of time travel paradoxes without a satisfying resolution -- but so far it's worth watching.

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I was happily surprised with it as well. SyFy has been in a slump ever since they changed their name...

bit of an odd trend developing here, serializing slightly old films into TV shows, we had dusk till dawn now this and both films relied quite heavily on certain reveals, i liked dusk to dawn , and the obvious worry about knowing how 12 monkeys is going to end has to be something they have thought about and come up with an idea. or at least i hope so, because its not been bad so far imo.

As a fan of the movie, I reject this show on principle. It may be good. But the POINT of the movie was that you cannot change the past. So this show just misses the point of the original.

And the show possibly being good is frustrating. I wouldn't mind this show so much if it WASN'T linked to the movie. And its not like it HAS to be. Time travel back to prevent a plague is vague enough to not HAVE to be related to 12 monkeys.

But does it have that awesomely creepy accordion ditty from the movie? If not, I shall await a fandub to insert it in proper areas.

Part of the greatness of 12 Monkeys was Gilliam's unique visual style - if this show doesn't have that, or at the very least pay homage to that then it isn't worth watching.

What? WHAT? First time I hear about this and I already hate it. Did they not watch the film, did they not get it? There is no paradox, it's unchangeable. God damn it you guys... why make a TV show out of a 20 year old film? How? Jesus, this is a downer.


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