Constantine Review: The Faust And The Furious

Constantine Review: The Faust And The Furious

"Quid Pro Quo" pits Constantine against DC Comics' Felix Faust and finally explains why Chas keeps dying all the time.

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These episodes are really helpful because I keep forgetting when the show is on and I know that a new episode will be waiting for me on amazon prime when I see a review of it.

I really liked the episode, I have been enjoying DC's tv output a lot lately (except for Gotham which I haven't got around to seeing). It was good to have the spot light on Chas and see the episode examine why he does what he does.

As soon as I saw Felix Faust in this episode, I knew shit was getting real. I am actually unfamiliar with him being a schmuk of a sorcerer, until I read this review.

One of my favorite moments in the previous episodes is when they presented Jim Corrigan without making too much fuss over it. It reminded me that Constantine is part of a much larger stage and he is just one of the players (not even among the big ones)...

The introduction of Faust had the same effect. I am mostly unfamiliar with the way it is played as a dumb character (he fought the entire JLA at some point). For me, he was a part of the bigger picture, and he being here was another example of John dipping his toes into bigger waters.

Ah, but Constantine never actually smoked the cigarette, he just held it while it was alight.


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