No Right Answer: Childhood vs Adulthood

Childhood vs Adulthood

Do you long for the years of your youth, or was the grass truly greener in adulthood? Time to settle the debate, young vs old!

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Chris' drink should have been chocolate milk, but the kind made with regular milk and Nesquik syrup, and your mom tells you to only put in a little bit but you wait until her back is turned and squeeze as much as you can until there's a thick paste at the bottom of the glass that you have to eat with a spoon... Good times.

But I'm with Dan on the "working out" thing. When you're a kid, you get thrown out of the house and run around for a bit with whatever neighbourhood kids happen to be around. As an adult, you can buy an elliptical or gym membership if you want, but you can also go rock climbing or boxing or do any of the cool sports that Mom never let you do, and you can buy yourself a toy and an ice cream cone on the way home.

All fun and games, but what about child abuse, huh?
And that's not just physical, but also mental.

Child soldiers. Brainwashed children from cults. Dirt poor children. Growing up in a bad country/neighbourhood...

In short; as a child your life *can* be HORRIBLE, and you can't control it enough to change that.

If I had my cousins' childhood, childhood would win.

But I had my childhood, which ultimately impacted my adulthood so childhood loses.

On the Brightside of my adulthood though I was able to remove my parents from my life. Those were people that were in a sense over grown children. Because if they had to choose between making sure I grew up right or their happiness they'd choose their happiness.


I also had to remove my half sister from my life because she wouldn't stop trying to play spin doctor with my problems.

As for how I got a half sister, well, my mom slept with a man who said he couldn't get her pregnant. Well he got her pregnant. Refused to acknowledge up to the point they went to court. And after no longer having responsibility to my half sister, left. And we never heard from him again.

I prefer the freedom to decide my own destiny by a long shot, so adulthood wins for me, but children are on average are more endearing and entertaining as other people. If I could be a free child with no-one telling me what to do, that would be the best of both worlds :-)

Adulthood wins because I has freedom that I couldn't experience as a kid and the ability to enjoy whatever I feel like.

Hahahaha, great episode. I love you for the Chris Farley pic, Tommy Boy is a phantom image of my childhood (I'm the snarky David Spade guy with a fat best friend. Still am, thankfully, although my friend is not that fat anymore...)

And I have to say, I honestly dont know what wins. It depends most about my daily mood :|


Some more words that contribute nothing to what I just said.

As great as some adult privileges are, I can't help but lean towards childhood, but that's probably because I had an incredibly normal one.

When I was a kid, sure, there were rules. Lots of them. I couldn't watch horror movies, I couldn't play video games that had something even remotely evil-looking in appearance (19 years after the original Resident Evil's release and ONLY NOW am I playing it for the first time), and I went to bed at 9:15 every night, no exceptions.

But then again, there was stability, and a lack of any true responsibilities. I mean, you had your chores and everything, but I'd take chores over taxes, going to work, and college confusion anytime. What's worse? Emptying the dishwasher, or going to a job you hate with people you can't stand and a boss that could care less and your car broke down on the way there so now that's another big money-soaking problem on your plate and so on?

Life was simple back then. I had homework and a few chores, and other than that I was utterly free. I could eat basically anything in the fridge without worrying about nasty things like weight gain or cholesterol, I could spend the day playing Mario 64, I could go out and explore the woods (until a coyote appeared in there one time and I was thus not allowed to go back in for my own safety but you get the idea).

And Chris had a point about the morals thing. Everything was in black and white as a kid, that's just how they are. They don't understand or become aware of complex issues and questionable ethics until later in life. When you're young, you "know" right from wrong. Stealing is wrong, sharing is right. Cussing is wrong, politeness is right, etc. Even if a lot of it was stupid, you at least wouldn't lay awake at night wondering if you're a terrible person for whatever reason.

Overall, I'd take being innocent over having access to more things as an adult. At least as a kid I never had any humongous periods of depression.

Well that was a cop out.

As a kid I worked 2 hours every morning of every day of the year delivering papers (except Christmas Day), regardless of the weather, and got £15 pw for my troubles. I earn more than that as an adult during a toilet break. Adulthood rules.

As an adult you can lie about stuff too. If your "scared" of roller coasters just say you get motion sickness when you ride them and people won't give you shit. If they do you can easily counter with it being biological and beyond your control. If they suggestion motion sickness piles you can conveniently forget them or say they only help with minor motion sickness not the sudden jolts of roller coasters.

As for the main topic I think it varies a lot from person to person in large part due to what type of childhood they had. People who didn't have very good childhoods a lot of times find the freedom that comes with adulthood to be very liberating. However with freedom comes responsibilities and those who had a great worry free childhood often feel the stress of those responsibilities and pine for the carefree days of their childhood.


Yeah, I assumed the ending was going to be Dan putting the bottle down saying "Sex" immediately followed by Chris saying "You win."



Yeah, I assumed the ending was going to be Dan putting the bottle down saying "Sex" immediately followed by Chris saying "You win."

That's such a missed opportunity, I am extremely ashamed.

Hmm that is really hard for me! I mean sure true independant is a good feelings but it does come with setbacks (paying bills and looking after your health) while being a kid is also good but you are dependant on your parent/ guardian therefor you follow their rules etc (and of also course lack of hormome but I guess the plus is you got your innocent per say).

as an adult I make my own money and spend it on childish things
as a kid I didn't have anything and had to wait til christmas to get games I wanted, but only 1!

so yeah fuck childhood being a childish adult wins all the time every time!

I never understood this argument. Would you rather be able to drive/vote/have sex/ live without your parents and watch any movie you want, or get punched in the head on a playground.

Gee! How will I ever decide?

Where you prefer adulthood or childhood, I think most of us can agree that adolescence suck! :P



Yeah, I assumed the ending was going to be Dan putting the bottle down saying "Sex" immediately followed by Chris saying "You win."

That's what I was waiting for too. Damn spit take...swallowing is just better.

Childhood didn't win.

Adulthood won for the child, by not letting it drink the Frigid Beer of Disqualification.

Adulthood, all the way. Actually more than that, independence.

Because I've been stuck living in someone else's house while I got my shit together, and as grateful as I am to that person for putting me up, being subject to their whims sucked (not to mention being accused of being stingy when I was unemployed and had no money to spend).

Now I have a job and an income, and the freedom that comes with that is priceless.


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