Unskippable: Far Cry 4 - This Won't Get Weird

Far Cry 4 - This Won't Get Weird

It's very rude to text at the table.

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I'm gravely disappointed you didn't go for the alternate ending. Would have wrapped the video up nicely... -.-

Any hope you might do a Part 3 where you do stay?

Yeah, the stay ending is sweet. I was hoping they would do that one.

Point of contention, Graham- Those of us from Upstate New York* are rather famed for our non-regional diction. A lot of news anchors come to our area to lose their accents. So while we may be as snooty as faux British royalty, we don't sound like it.

*For clarity, upstate New York generally refers to an area stretching from Poughkeepsie to the top of the state in the Hudson Valley region. While it is true that Western New York does have the flat vowels of the mid-western accent, Upstate accents are pretty mild.

Anyway, how did that guy get a cellphone past the guards? Man, Pagan Min's guards are so hilariously incompetent.

The eternal problem with a boss who occasionally executes his subordinates for no good reason: People get so terrified of messing up that they don't take initiative. Pagan Min needs a management course on innovation or something.

OT: I lost track of the video for a second and thought that Min was calling Yuma using the terrorist's cell phone. "Man, how convenient that the right hand of the genocidal dictator is on the speed dial of this random terrorist's phone."

Meh, channeling the Joker won't make the player character Batman, Ubisoft....
It's all ver "been there, played that"...

I like his response to the guy texting at the table.

Why are people always so stupid in these things? "Let's send a text practically stating I'm a terrorist in full view of the people known for torture and murder."

Pagan Min is really quite good at stabbing people isn't he?

Well given that he never shows up in the game again... yeah I'm sure he's fine.

You guys should really do a third video where you wait for Pagan Min to come back and get the Alternate Ending..

That bit where you guys sounded like you were way off in the distance was brilliant.
It was weird that Ajay didn't speak in any scene with Pagan in it. Is he supposed to be a silent protagonist or not?

I agree with other posters - definitely do the Alternate ending. Lots of fun.

(Although there's supposedly an 'alternate-alternate' ending as well.)


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