Game Theory: Watch_Dogs Warning!

Watch_Dogs Warning!

Watch Dogs, or Watch_Dogs should I say, puts you in control of the coolest phone ever, able to hack into the world around you, spy into the lives of others, and generally be an Internet ninja. But how real is this game? Those hacks couldn't possibly happen in real life, right? Right?? The truth about Watch Dogs hacks may be one of the scariest and most real threats we've yet tackled on Game Theory!

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Okay, holy crap did I not know about those ATM "hacks" to basically manually reprogram the older ones. HOWEVER I can think so far ahead to know that they all have cameras on them that go to either a remote hookup or a local recorder. Either way you're kind of S.O.L. thinking of getting away with it with that camera watching you.

I'll await for the day that something like Live Free or Die Hard actually happens and we go dark as a country for months to years. It's a scary thought but the more we centralize systems the easier it is to dominoes the whole thing at once.

Captcha: "Follow me"

Really? The computer is trying to lure me in like that. Screw it! I'm going off the grid!

Right, I'm deleting my facebook account.
Oh wait... Did that a long time ago.

Well, I was looking for reasons to not sleep tonight. Maybe this is why I also want to keep my 10-year-old car.

Wow, salacious over statements ahoy! The car hacks were mostly done through direct hardware connections, some obscured deep under the bonnet, so not too much to be concerned with whilst driving down the street - pretty sure you're going to notice some lifting the bonnet - as the example is can we hack cop cars we're escaping from, no, they'd shoot your ass soon as you Vin Dieseled your way onto the hood.

The vid starts with "can this all be done by mobile phone" and goes on to show all these hacks not done by mobile phone - not a single one. Could you set-up complex scripts back home to be remotely activated, yes, but it would take longer, not be reliable and frankly you'd have to be so good you might as well go legit as you'd make more cash.

Typical techno scarebait, I'd expect this sort of reaction from Fox news - but a computer enthusiasts site? (tangentially)

The music for the game at the beginning drove me nuts. It took me the better part of half an hour to remember the game it was from. Sweet reference, guys. I hadn't thought about 7th Saga in almost a decade and now I'm looking for a way to play it again. After watching the rest of the episode, of course.

Holy balls, did I just hear the music for Tyrian's asteroid level play? So much nostalgia.

Anyway, good thing I don't have a facebook/twitter account or even a smartphone. (Didn't want to pay extra for a data plan.) And never ever making one literally sounds like a better idea every month it seems. >_>


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