How to Play James Bond Without Getting Your Tuxedo Dirty

How to Play James Bond Without Getting Your Tuxedo Dirty

Taking on the role of England's Master Spy James Bond was never so easy as delving into the 007 RPG from Victory Games in the 1980s.

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I freakin' loved this game.

I don't remember a lot of the details anymore, but I do remember liking the way the game handled chase sequences. Everything was always about where pursuer and pursued were in relation to each other, until you finally managed to get past a final hurdle-it made it easy to handle the chase in pretty much any environment.

I still have the basic set books and the Q Manual, somewhere around the house-though I haven't looked at them in years. Now I'm thinking I might go ahead and dig them up and have a look ...

As an interesting aside in the UK, Bond was published Games Workshop. They have a nostalgia value for me aswell, I used to love reading the source books and imagining myself in a tuxedo. Later life proved somewhat disappointing, because when I have worn a tuxedo I bear more than a passing resemblance to a nightclub bouncer. Less swarve and sohpicasted and more bull necked and bald.

I remember GM'ing this back in the '80s. Although I was very fond of the game I found it didn't really work with a typical player group of 4+ - in fact the optimum number seemed to be 2. Any more than that and you were struggling to find things for people to do. Still, good times.


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