The Walking Dead: Darkest Before The Dawn (of the Dead)

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I'm just glad we're finally rid of Tyrese. By God, he just annoyed the shit out of me. Being optimistic is good, trying to be a good person is admirable, but he was getting ridiculous -- several times he wouldn't even kill walkers! I'm no flower expert, but I never knew pansies could grow that big.

Though now I'm getting a little worried. First it was Dale, then Laurie, then Andrea, and then those two little brats. Now it's Tyrese. I mean, the writers can't keep killing all the characters I dislike forever. Aside from Beth and Bob, all the chracters I like are still alive. Now it's only a matter of time before characters I like start getting turned into walker chow.

First half of this season was probably the best Walking Dead has been, ever. I even didn't really flip out over Bet's death (as in, I was sad about it, but accepted it). So I had high hopes for the second half. Serves me right, this episode was just bad...

Nothing really happened. It was just an elaborate setup to kill off Tyrese, which was just pointless. "Wow, we shocked the audiences by unexpectedly killing off a well liked character at the end of the first half of the season! What can we do to kick off the second half? I KNOW! Let's do it AGAIN! Nobody will expect us to do that!" And it's true, I didn't expect it. Because it was stupid. I hate it when The Stealth Zombie is used as a cheap trick. You know, that one zombie who for some reason ignores the first 10-15 minutes of the characters traipsing around, only to wake up and completely silently saunters over and bites someone (or tries to).

I was really hoping that the first half of the season was an indication that they finally got on track with the writing, but I'm starting to fear that they stumbled across a decent plot by accident and aren't sure what exactly they did right...

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