No Right Answer: Movies vs Video Games

Movies vs Video Games

It's MovieBob vs Yatzhee, so to speak. Time to decide what's the best use of your free time, and which medium offers the best experience

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When you're dealing with a list of criteria, the points system doesn't really work. It could be like "Kyle won Criteria 1 (pervasiveness), Chris won Criteria 2 (strong fan base), and they both kinda tied on Criteria 3 (innovation)."

But nothing can replace movies, where you can go for a predetermined and moderately long amount of time with not only your friends but maybe your whole sub-community (usually set by generation) and watch something on a flippin' huge screen. You could all be talking about it and co-mingle your conversations or just out of the cinema astounded.
But video games are interactive, which is a completely different yet still strong draw.

P.S. Really, guys? We dive right into ZP within a half-hour, but not this, even though it's about THIS debate?

Whichever you prefer.

This... this is the kind of topic where you start to lose me, comparing apples and oranges when there's already plenty of people having this argument all across the internet and beyond.

We don't need yet another venue dragging out all the same points we've heard before, where are the imaginative topics you guys handle at your best? The really out-there lesser-known stuff?

Chris should've been disqualified on the grounds that movies already had their Water World & Video Games haven't.


Although I still prefer Video Games.

Chris, IGN would rate your side of the debate 7.8/10

OT: In the general public's eye, movies are still more accepted than video games. However, the difference in acceptance is far smaller than what it was 10 years ago. So we're getting there.

I think the most obvious point was missed. The interaction. With a movie you're just sitting there, with a good game, you are living the narrative.

That being said for me personally the only real release dates I'm looking forward to are movies.

Answer: books!

movies have Scarlet Johansson and Emma Stone so...

but assuming no other actresses that are hot don't ever make movies anymore then video games will win hands down

movies have Scarlet Johansson and Emma Stone so...

but assuming no other actresses that are hot don't ever make movies anymore then video games will win hands down

You know...there are not a lot of women that I go stupid over. But Scarlett. Man. I go SO stupid over her.

OT: Not really sure what the debate was about. What is best? What makes more money? What is able to make the best water analogy? What each of us like the best?

I cant decide what I like more. My life would be so much poorer without Alien, Predator, Star Wars, Avengers, Independence Day, Sunset Limited, Silver Linings et cetera...but neither would I want to be without Baldurs Gate, Torment, Portal, Albion, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal 2 and a bunch of others.

Can't it be both? :o

Chris should've been disqualified on the grounds that movies already had their Water World & Video Games haven't.

*blink blink* Are you sure? Because my mind went immediately to Duke Nukem Forever, Daikatana and... I mean, sh!t, that old E.T. game didn't just stop at collosal failure, it took on positively mythic qualities of badness. Oh, and that Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco? C'mon.

I'm not going to make any argument excusing Waterworld (_3_ _times_ that set sunk and had to be dredged up! and for that!?!) But I think videogames have it matched or exceeded.

OT, I favor games for reasons of interaction. I'd like the quality of storytelling to become way more even across games, but eh. Developing medium. It'll happen.

I think that the amount of effort demanded of the viewer in video games will generally always mean that movies are more accessible to consumers. What's more important to me is that video games are mainstream and we should be pretty happy with that.

How about we all agree that both have their strengths and weaknesses? There are some stories you can only tell in a movie, and some in video games. They just have to engage the audience into it.

Whaaat? Is tonight Twilight zone night?

'Cause Kyle normally impresses me with his logic and arguments and solid facts.
But this time all his stuff was just plain... wrong. (Sorry dude).

And Chris hit it out of the park all the time!
So this outcome is ludacrous!

Also; Videogames are a WAY bigger industry than movies Kyle!!! :O

In short; good job winning, Chris!
Guess Kyle forgot to bring out his water wings ;)

Meh... I would till say movies on the grounds that they transcend generations on a much more personal level than video games right now... Sure, video games have the means to go even more deeper from an interactive perspective, but they haven't yet reached that point where some of these GOTY nominations were starring veteran/senior citizens who have been involved in the VG business for over 50+ years and shit... and that's not including games specifically aimed, let alone starring, at senior citizens... (unless they're THAT niche to the point of total obscurity to even the hipsters and indie lovers...)

I agree that movies appeal to wider audiences. Its more normal, they will always be more normal, more status quo, therfore more popular

You just sit in a chair and watch the damn thing which has live action, real people acting. This makes it way easier for the average joe.

I don't care if videogames are more underground than movies or series through, for me they are and will always be better.

Since in my opinion the average normal joe is boring, thats the case, but at least he is comfortable where he is and I can respect that.

Edit: the thing is... why would you want videogames to win vs movies? so they become more generic than movies? so generic triple-A gets even more repetitive? The only positive thing I can see from videogames getting thaaaat much popular is the profit generated by the industry, but thats it, creativity and fun are worth more imho.

Answer: books!

Dirty films peasants still haven't quite gotten there, but it's okay. They're trying. Maybe one day junior.

*Pats film on the head in a patronizing manner*


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