Unskippable: Assassin's Creed: Rogue - Corporate Espionage

Assassin's Creed: Rogue - Corporate Espionage

What happened to my game about stabbing people in the throat in historical settings?

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So why did they give you a tablet? I mean, your brain is clearly fried to the point where you just wander around blindly agreeing to be plugged back into the apparently virus-riddled mainframe, what are you supposed to do with an iPad?

Also, now I really want to play an Assassin's Creed game where you play a corporate drone who finally gets fed up with office politics, teaches himself assassination with the Animus, makes a hidden blade in the 3D printer, and decides he's going to remove every problematic person in the company. It's like Office Space, but more ludonarratively satisfying.

Yeah, Rogue is probably my least favourite AC, which is saying something after ACIII. Not the gameplay, mind, that's just copy-pasted from Black Flag, and is as fun as always (though it has more chase-missions, which I thoroughly hate). But the story and characters are equally unlikeable.

I recommend replaying Black Flag instead. If you care about the story (which I do, which caused me to get the game), I recommend just checking the wiki. The important stuff can be summed up in about a paragraph for each time period featured in the game. And not a particularly large paragraph at that.

If the elevators are broken, does that mean that the "Go team!" lady is stuck in one? She did get in just before they broke.

If there are no stairs then a single fire could kill everyone in the building. The Assasin order should really invest in Molotov cocktails.

Thus we see the fundamental design flaw of having everything in the building controlled by the wifi.

I like Ass Creed Rogue rather well (it's good playing a Templar for once and put those arrogant Assassins in their place) but this modern day subplot... I just pretend it doesn't exist.

Corporate backstabbing.... WITHOUT real knives?
From what crazy alternate universe do you hail, guys?!!! :O

It was odd that the hacking puzzles would show you all that classified material, and the puzzles themselves weren't too difficult, depending on how many sections of the sphere you had to light up. I laughed at the glitches remarks, and I just know you're really going to let Unity have it.

So in order to experience this game, you have to go in to Amansanus? Nooooo thank you.

So, are you playing the same Office drone from Black Flag, or is this a replacement Office drone?

Also, I suspect the angry lady is actually an assassin. Considering she suggests "hey, if you wanna go mess around with your coworkers terminals(despite a massive virus problem), knock yourself out". when she's supposed to be there to "improve" security.

I also find that exploring men's anus's breaks the elevators.

Wow, they really do act like Nameless Protagonist is completely brain-dead, don't they? Even the voice inflection says, "You're too stupid to actually comprehend what I'm saying, so I hope you'll get my meaning if I say it like this."


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