No Right Answer: Best Collectible: Comics vs Toys

Best Collectible: Comics vs Toys

Do you have boxes in your attic of every Green Lantern issue from 1993, or is your TMNT action figure collection immaculate? Which is better!?

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Err Chris, you could of mention that the comic quantity are alot more compared to what it was during the 40's- 90's therefore it's alot harder for a comicbook to be rare hence less values.

As for me, I go with toys as here hoping my Bionicle collections (out of the boxes) and my 2011 Thundercats figures collections (wish I had the wave 2 cos those ones are definitely rare) will be worth something in the long run!

Toys win just because of one thing: Legos. Don't like what you bought? Just break it down and create something you do like.

I would have to go with toys. Their appeal is more universal, after all, who didn't have a toy as a child that they loved? They are also easier to appreciate/enjoy/share. A comic requires that you sit down and read it, and often that you read or have read multiple issues in order to know the characters and understand the story in that issue. But a toy can simply be a piece of three dimensional art, a small sculpture that can be more easily appreciated by anyone who sees it.

Oh, and they may not all be immaculate, but I would wager that my TMNT collection can stand toe to toe with just about any one in existence.

I'd have to go with toys as well, since they can branch out into more collectibles and action figures.

I never got into comics. Probably because I grew up in the 90s when comics were kinda shit. Or so I gather.

Comics never really appealed to me. I do read the MLP comics since I like MLP, but even with them I'm not regular or all that interested. It just seems like you're never getting any value. All the important things get undone, there's so much convoluted story that it would make the Kingdom Hearts guys and Kojima look tame by comparison. There's so many versions of heroes it's so hard to keep track. Aren't there like seven green lanterns?

I think they just encompass a lot of things I don't like in other media. I hear the only thing more convoluted than comics are Soap Operas.

Toys win just because of one thing: Legos. Don't like what you bought? Just break it down and create something you do like.

But that's not really what people talk about when they talk about 'collecting' something. If you buy a bunch of collectible Lego then tip all the pieces into a big plastic bucket and play with them, you'll have more fun than if they were in mint condition on the shelf, but good luck finding anyone willing to respect your 'collection'.

OT: That end bit made me curious: Does anyone collect purely digital things? There are collections of video games, but that's more about owning the physical thing it came on; having a bunch of arcade machines is cool, having a hard drive that contains the code for a bunch of arcade games is only mildly interesting until you copy them and put them to use with an emulator. It seems counter-intuitive to try and value something that can be perfectly copied with a few keystrokes.

Yay for Kyle!!!

Anyway, that P2 disc with the ending; crazy idea: boost the value by all three of you signing the box!
Then in 30 years it'll be worth eh... 10 dollars? :P

ahahahahahaha, very clever ending guys.

OT: I have some toys on display today, but ultimately you cant play with them. Thats what tabletop roleplaying is for. Playing for grown ups.

Comics...there is no point to owning them when they are digital. I buy movies I like, that I am likely to watch again (and usually do, some repeatedly). I dont see that as collecting as much as an entertainment convenience. There really is a limited time how many times you can read a single comic issue at which it becomes just garbage. I bought a Kindle recently. One of the best purchaces I have made in my entire life. I can read a ton of books, and use a very limited amount of physical space. This is what is ultimately comes down to for me. If I'm gonna collect something it better have a specific use or function even if its just decorative. If not, its just waiting to be thrown away/sold to people that dont know any better :P

OK, I see the advantage toys have over comic books. Making your own stories, while those written in comic books will either be great or suck (and there have been a LOT of major stinkers from the 90's to now).

I would give you 2000 bits for that tape...

Also, I would like the specs of "Kyle's room?", if you will... for research purposes...

OT: Anyway, I would still say toys on the grounds of not having to figure out where to start off beforehand... unless you're into artist representations...

I kinda got super hyped when Dan said "P2 Card". You know you're a broadcast nerd when...

Well, I guess my magic:the gathering cards are toys.

Or you could collect videogames...


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