5 Live Action Kids Movies that Make Guys Cry

5 Live Action Kids Movies that Make Guys Cry

Say what you will about kids movies, but a few still have the power to get a guy all choked up.

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The Santa Clause and Jumanji never got me. I did feel sad for Allen, but once it was revealed that everything gets erased, I was fine. Hocus Pocus did bother me because yeah, little girl gets brutally murdered right in the opening, but at least we get to see here again at the end and she's fine. Well, as fine as you can be being a ghost welcoming your brother back.

Those other two? Bah. I never cried. Shut up. I don't know what you're talking about! I didn't get tears in my eyes just reading about that evil scene in The Neverending Story! Lies! Lies and slander! Now, if you'll excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye...sniff...
...waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Not the horse, you monsters! NOT THE HORSE!!!!!!

Never Ending Story ;_;

the nothing - the darkness - the abyss. Believe it or not Never Ending Story made this concept, this apocalyptic "natural" disaster popular in video game story telling.

Dark Souls uses this concept: "The Abyss" and implements it well. Its something that in Dark Souls 1 we couldn't rationalize and we just like the Ancient Heroes NPCs that gave up in the game's story thought we couldn't win against the Abyss... Only delay the inevitable end of the world. :c

Chrono Cross the spiritual successor of Chrono Trigger also uses this with the Time Devourer.

No mention of The Land Before Time? For. Fucking. Shame!

No mention of The Land Before Time? For. Fucking. Shame!

Who's been cutting onions around here? Why do I feel raindrops from my eyes, and yet it's not raining?

Anyways, gets even worse if you subscribe to the fan theory that Littlefoot and co. died, and the Great Valley was dino-heaven.


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