8 World War II Games to take You Back in Time

8 World War II Games to take You Back in Time

These eight World War II titles will take you back in time and toss you in the fight.

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I did [love playing Call of Duty: Finest Hour when I still had my old XBOX. It was pretty affecting for a little kid like me.

Wolfenstein! XD What a fantastic reboot that was as well. I remember watching someone play A Silent Hunter game on an old laptop with growling fans. The game mostly seemed to be taken up by plotting courses and marking little ships on the map, with the occasional doldrums being punctuated by the attacks themselves - about a minute or two of mirrored explosions and blood in the water.

Technically, Command And Conquer: Red Alert is also a WWII game, though it's set in an alternate timeline.

I'd say awesome would be a fair word to describe War Thunder - that game is the most beautiful free-to-play WWII plane and tank combat simulator that I have ever seen. Just gliding over the open azure sea in a torpedo bomber is a joy, never mind the actual dogfights and bombing runs themselves.

I tried really hard not to go for the default Call of Dutry and Battlefield 1942, though I loved them both.

I tried really hard not to go for the default Call of Dutry and Battlefield 1942, though I loved them both.

I actually went back and played through the original Call of Duty and it showed how little the series had changed (though you did need medkits which was an improvement over the current games).

If I had to throw in a few it'd be the Men of War series for being absolutely brutal and unforgiving, Sniper Elite V2 for those amazing slo-mos, and Hearts of Iron 3 for being a COD player's worst nightmare.

Oh man, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. I loved that game. I was so excited when they announced a sequel, even if you played as Red instead. The characters, the feeling of combat, just everything in these two games felt right for a World War II shooter.
Hell's Highway was okay, but they changed the formula a bit and I think the game suffered slightly from it. I'm still holding out hope, however small, that we will get the third/fourth game in the series, set during the Battle of the Bulge. Alas, it seems the the company has forgotten about the series, and WWII itself has been left behind for good.

Company of Heroes, yet no Men of War?

:( Always...

I tried really hard not to go for the default Call of Dutry and Battlefield 1942, though I loved them both.

Meh you shouldn't exlude them because they're default, you should of just added an extra 2 and done 10. lol

Evey list of WW2 games should include CoD 2 and Battlefield 1942/3. Exceptional games that are the pinnacle of the genre IMO. Still 2 of my favs to this day.

Really surprised there wasn't a single early CoD here. If I had to pick one, I'd go with the often forgotten Call of Duty 2: Big Red One. Treyarch's actual first foray into the series, what really makes this one stand out is the characters. I'm still sad to this day over the deaths of those of your squad that died.

Second I'd have to pick the Russian campaign in Call of Duty: World at War since it's the vastly superior portion of the single player campaign and has much better set-pieces (even if the first mission shamelessly rips off Enemy at the Gates, but then again, this isn't the first CoD to do so). And that Dimitri is a BAMf.

Then Black Ops happened and crapped all over that.

I had so much fun with The Saboteur. It was like a WWII film noir Saints Row with sense of moral superiority over you enemies.

Does nobody remember the close combat series. I spent soo much time in the ardennes. Or any of teh SSG Strategic Studies Group games. Or am I just getting old?

Nice to see RO2 on the list. The game turns realism into an artform and yes, their suppression system is demoralizing as hell. Put simply, if you're standing in one spot for too long, you will die. Staying in motion, even when you think you have a good hiding spot, is always the key to victory.

If you say WW2 games to me Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is all I can think of. It was the quintessential war game. I love it even to this day. I can't explain why I love it so much; perhaps nostalgia has taken me. Those levels, that musical score, the horrifying sound of the nebelwerfers, that damn sniper town! Even the sound of bullets hitting you and the red flash on the compass... bliss.

Anyone remember Hidden and Dangerous? That was a pretty cool game... I think.

Also, I don't want to be THAT person... but there's a fair few typos and formatting errors in this list.

Most notable:

- [Em]U-Boat Missions[/em] from slide 3
- Saving Preivate Ryan in slide 5
- The Saboteuroffers up from slide 7

I can remember how many times I played the opening level of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

But that last level was a bit disappointing.

No sign of Close Combat makes me feel old...

Anyways, IIRC in the Commandos games, you didn't build your team for each mission. You got them pre-selected.

RO2 deserved its spot here. Damn fine game, easily my favorite FPS of all time.

For strategy, I have to go with Blitzkrieg 2. I thoroughly enjoy the mechanics of it.


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