Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

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Yahtzee liking a Zelda game? Who knew.

But yes, the dark depression of the game is one of the biggest draws.

Anju and Kafei ;_;

Yahtzee's openings are getting more revealing about his sex life.

Also, I totally called this one. Check out his youtube, sometimes he lets slip what he's up to. :D

It's been a while since I've enjoyed Zero Punctuation....and then.... Flamboyant German pornstars...

Following the general trend of his Zelda reviews, it seems that he only really enjoys the ones in which Link is characterized as "just some bloke thrown into extraordinary circumstances," i.e. Wind Waker and Majora's Mask.

As a former diehard Zelda loyalist, I agree. The "destined hero fights destined villain to save the princess of destiny" thing can only be done so many times before it feels stale. Wind Waker and Majora's Mask are two of my favorites in the series, way better than Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, IMO. And the less I say about Skyward Sword, the better. Oh, the rants I have ranted on that game...

Random Argument Man:
It's been a while since I've enjoyed Zero Punctuation....and then.... Flamboyant German pornstars...

Yep. Flamboyant. That's a 10/10 word. I need to work it deeper into my vocabulary.

I always thought Majoras Mask was one of the weaker of the Zelda games. Yeah the time mechanic was unique, but as Yahtzee points out, its never been done again. I found the combination of a timer, resetting previous work and obtuse story elements/clues very difficult. There would be entire loops(the 3 days) that would come and go and I'd be wandering the land looking for whatever I'm supposed to do, usually finding it on the last day, reversing time, going to that one point and oh! That person isn't here yet, because I didn't know that my earlier actions A, B and 5 led up to this specific scenario. Well back to wandering the land again...Would love to know which actions triggered which events...

I guess now that we have the internet and walkthroughs it'd be easier, but it doesn't have a good impression in my day.

Btw, Yahtzee. When that scarecrow dude says: I know a song that, played backwards, slows down time, and double played (i.e. 11,22,33) speeds it up, it's a song you already have.

Otherwise, glad you enjoyed it.

It's offen fun just to go around and see everyone's reactions and changing moods as the clock ticks down to doomsday in Majora's mask. I liked following the head of the carnival who 6 hours to the end is the only idiot left in town still not buying the moon is about to crash rumor when it's laughing at him right about his head.

I knew he would like this one, mainly because the game has the smae weird, uncanny feel that Silent Hill 2 does (although put through the ninty filter).

Yahtzee's openings are getting more revealing about his sex life.

Also, I totally called this one. Check out his youtube, sometimes he lets slip what he's up to. :D

I'm pretty sure he started to tell which game he'll review justso people would stop asking him about it.

Wow, he REALLY liked this one. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprising. Majora's Mask has a lot more going on with it in terms of tone and thematic elements than most Zelda games, and it has two really great core mechanics that are intriguing from both gameplay and plot perspectives in the form of the time looping and the masks.

I thought he would dislike Majora's Mask due to it's similarities to Ocarina and how there's a limited time mechanic. Guess I can be wrong.

Pretty damn funny. And yeah, Majora is pretty damn fucked up.

Thank you for the post Yahtzee : ) This makes my week a bit more bearable. It is interesting that even when the things were undone via time travel they still insisted on leaving the lands messed up? Hmm.

About time that this review came out, as this week follows last month's second week: it has a Friday the 13th, which was the appropriate release date of this game last month.

For the record, I'm trying to get through each region within 1 cycle each, with the Inverted Song of Time of course. As that song only slows time down to 1/3 or 1/4 speed instead of 1/6 or so, the game is more tense, with dungeons leaving me at the tail end of the cycle. The first 2 regions went well enough, but the third took a couple of tries, as I forgot where the last "monkey bollock" was before fighting the sandwich - er, giant piranha - boss. The fourth region looks to be extra troubling if not impossible under this challenge, with The Well of Fetch Quests and a mini-dungeon along with a double-decked dungeon.

.....Wow...didn't see that coming.
Yahtzee liking a Zelda game, then again, it was the most depressing and dark one in the entire series so perhaps it was to be expected.
And I see he met Tingle as well :P

Dammit! Why'd you have to remind me that you'll never review Kingdom Hearts? I thought I already had that kind of closure sooner than


Other than that, I could never finish Majora's Mask because I keep forgetting that I could slow down time...

The never reviewing Kingdom Hearts line made my day. Also, why do people still keep saying that he's never liked a Zelda game when he mentioned in this review AND in its own review that he liked Wind Waker (because it's the best one).
Also, if he thinks HE reads too much into Majora's Mask, wait until people start posting the popular theories. Psh, and Dark Souls was the grim one, right.

Dammit! Why'd you have to remind me that you'll never review Kingdom Hearts? I thought I already had that kind of closure sooner than


Other than that, I could never finish Majora's Mask because I keep forgetting that I could slow down time...

Has Yahtzee ever explained why he never reviews Kingdom Hearts games?

Questions about credit gags aside, I'm glad there are at least SOME LoZ games he likes... -_-

Before Windwaker, I always found Majora's Mask to be the more interesting and appealing game out of the 64 duo.

When I first played it, it admittedly had a poor impression on me because of the limited time mechanic, the incredibly downtrodden introduction, and just how confusing the whole damn thing is. And yet I constantly found myself coming back to it, until through sheer brute force I managed to scrounge together some sense out of its mechanics. In the end, I was very satisfied with it.

It seems to me that it went pretty far out on it's own from Ocarina of Time in many ways. When you get down to it, sure it's still an adventure to save the world from doom. But it still managed to be different this time. Although the Zelda series tends to have pretty mature themes, Majora's Mask struck me as a much darker and dire game, and even touching at times. Ocarina definitely had it's moments. Going into the future and seeing the destroyed kingdom overrun by ReDeads whereas in the past, it was flourishing and full of happy people. Digging up graveyards. The Dead Hand...

But in Majora's Mask, like Yahtzee said, the mood was different from the very beginning. Starting off at a disempowered state, and working your way forward in the midst of panic and confusion, just to meet with this creepy fucker.

Then stepping outside, inspecting your surroundings, then looking up to see this.

Jesus christ, what the fuck is happening in this game?

Beyond that, the game is still the same generic zelda fare of clearing dungeons until you reach the finale. But the atmosphere it crafted, and mechanics it utilized, made it stand very much apart from Ocarina of Time. And it's my favorite out of the two, even though it's Time mechanics are tedious and a hindrance at times, it's unique and a lot more interesting.

Windwaker is still my favorite though.

I have always hated Majora's Mask and never got what anyone saw in it. I hated that you were stuck with Young Link after Ocarina of Time. I hated that you had to replay gameplay sections over and over and over again. I hated that it took your money and items away every time you rewound time. I hated the "Gotta find this NPC at this specific time" system. I hated the general lack of direction and obtuse objectives. I hated the Skull Kid. I hated the Deku Scrubs. I hated Tingle so. damn. much.

The entire game felt like a downgrade after Ocarina.

Oh god I was afraid of this. Not only is he tackling a Nintendo game again, it's a remake of my favorite Zelda title. Let me get the matches and gasoline.

::watches video::

.....You win this round, Croshaw.

I really hope there is an unlockable Scott Bakula mask. Though I say that about most games.

I feel offended that Yahtzee doesn't understand why the lady inside me is getting the hots for Link. He's perfection. Link is life, Link is love.

That being said, I would disagree that only WW Link doesn't have a personality. SS Link and TP Link have a quite clear personality as well. SS Link is probably the best characterized Link of them all, just that he suffers from being the MC of the weakest entry of the series.

I did NOT see this review coming. I thought he'd pass on it!

I'm even more surprised it was mostly positive too, although if there was ANY zelda game he'd like I had a feeling it would be this one.

Something tells me he never found the way to slow down time, though, given that he said he got moonsplatted (or had to make a last second escape via time travel). Then again, maybe that makes things more fun. I just have a reflex to slow down time anytime I'm not doing a quest that requires me to follow someone around or wait for stuff to happen.

...Well, was a fun review. :P Dekus as novelty Their nose pipes look kinda like that.

there should be Deku Scrub head novelty bongs now that would be funny.

I'm wondering why he isn't going to do Kingdom Hearts now, unless it's a multiplayer game or something.

As for this, I suppose it's a good thing for 3DS users given how he thrashed Ocarina of Time's 3DS port. Three cheers for all.

I wouldn't say it's all for naught. All the good and saving you have done is shown on the dawn of the new day, after you have defeated Majora. It's like all the repeated timeline you have been through merge into a single one.

I disagree with Yatzeeh on the ending being dull, but you only get to have the best ending if you get all the Mask. For each Mask you have, it shows the good you have done to the people who have given you that mask. Yatzeeh recently made a Log about the pointlessness of a 100% run, but Majora Mask might actually be one of the few game where it is worth 100% complete it, as each sidesquest you do not only actually give you something substantial for the gameplay (even if it is just an Heart container or equipment upgrades), but it also affect the ending.

You have not really finished Majora up until you have got all the masks.

Has Yahtzee ever explained why he never reviews Kingdom Hearts games?

I dunno, but I don't blame him.

I mean, I've recently come to the realization that I'm a huge fan of the series (I looked around my gaming collection and went "Holy shit, I officially own every game in the series now, and have replayed most of them twice."), and even then I understand why people might not like it.

1) The disney bits might annoy people who didn't grow up with those movies, or who happen to be cynical bastards.

2) The gameplay's fun, although it alternates (sometimes very suddenly) between happy-go-lucky button mashy and Super-freakin-hard-ninja-reflexes-required difficulty and most games have a critical flaw that hurts the combat somehow (Original mix of KH2 not giving you any Drive modes when alone, Birth by sleep having 3 short story modes that end JUST when the combat finally kicks into high gear and becomes awesome, stopping in the middle of climactic moment in Dream Drop Distance to raise spirits to unlock new moves, etc).

3) The overarching plot is just becoming pure bananas. Seriously, Dream Drop Distance took an already convoluted plot of shared hearts, body doubles, hearts turning into monsters that looked and acted human, and then added time travel and essentially horcuxes into the mix. Gah, too much!

I can still put up with those flaws because I genuinely enjoy the gameplay and characters and I still really really like the series, but I can understand why some people don't like it, and I especially get why this site's regular Cynical Aussie Brit is turned off by it.

:P That reminds me, I should get around to doing that Critial Mode Run of KH2 sometime soon...

Yeah that time mechanic is the reason why I gave up and stop playing the game the first time round. Granted I still intend to buy the game at some point (when it's on sale) just so I can bloody finish it!

What Zelda fan would ever respond to the criticism that Zelda games are samey and toothless by claiming that at least majora mask is different?

Saying things are samey or toothless is a poor and uninformative criticism anyway, going by his logic half life 2 thief 2 and portal 2 are also all samey and toothless.

The bit about Skull-kid, the guy with a rotten pineapple for a face, got me thinking: do any of the Links (yeah, there's more than one, if you follow the multiple timeline theory) have any truly memorable antagonists who AREN'T Ganon/Ganondorf. I do like it when Yahtzee reviews a Zelda game, and especially ripping into Link's lack of a personality. He also ragged on Gordon Freeman for pretty much the same qualities.

I sure hope he stays to his word and never reviews a Kingdom Hearts game. I really don't want him to bother doing that.

Glad he like Majora's Mask and the reasons why actually make sense if you've gotten a decent idea on how he thinks. You don't get that strong an image just watching his reviews but playing his games, reading his books, playing the games he likes, and of course watching his Lets play Channel make the fact that he likes this one contextually very sensible and that makes the whole game nicer for him.

Meanwhile his like for Wind Waker is just the fact that Wind Waker is one of his personal favorites from the days of being much younger.

Of the Zelda games I've played (which is not all of them) Majoras Mask in the best, fallowed by Links Awakening. The worst I've played is Twilight Princes fallowed by A Link To The Past (no, it is not a masterpiece, it is not even good, it's mediocre, take off the nostalgia goggles and look at the game for what it is), Ocarina of Time is okay, the first one is closer to the top only because it is an open world game, something which the Zelda series abandoned for forced linearity, and Zelda 2 is closer the top because I like the combat engine, the Oracle games and The Minish Cap are in the middle.

The better Zelda games are the ones that are not formulaic, it's when the game does something different with tone, gameplay, the story and/or the environ is when the games are at their best.

I highly recommend you check out the side missions and little character moments throughout the game because some of them are messed up for a children's game. You said you like the game from a philosophical standpoint, and when you get right down to it, this is a game about the end of the world and how people react to it. Like the elder ranch girl giving her younger sister alcoholic milk before bed so she won't be in her right mind for the horrible pyroclasm. Or a young woman waiting by her wedding dress in the face of apocalypse for a lover that will never come (unless you finish the long side-quest). That sort of voyage into the human condition is really what pushes majora's mask from good to great. It's profound and new and quite scary.

Huh...that sounds interesting, but interesting in a way that'd get me giving up pretty soon.

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