Who Watches the Apple Watchmen?

Who Watches the Apple Watchmen?

"Who Watches the Apple Watchmen?"

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Okay, real talk?

I'd totally become an Apple whore just to be able to do everything in the last panel.

Just sayin'.

The bits on the screen behind him just absolutely sell it.

I remember reading this comic YEARS ago... Awesome to see you guys on here and good luck with it!

oh man, I REALLY wish I could see the rest of that green lantern code (er..apple code in this manner)

Great stuff, definitely going to be paying attention to this.

What, no Wolverine claws?! Or Iron Man's Repulsors? They had better be in the next update.

HAH THe Pirates of Silicon Valley strike again Apple just continues ripping off other people's products, just like they did with the iPod and Zune and iPad!
I won't rest until this man gets all the money that Apple will charge for this overprice garbage

Yeah, I'd be willing to pay the outrageous prices for the Apple watch thing if it actually did any of that. Unfortunately/luckily, it doesn't, so I get to keep my money.

I wonder how many idiots will buy the top tier "watches" that start at $10,000.

oh man, I REALLY wish I could see the rest of that green lantern code (er..apple code in this manner)

Great stuff, definitely going to be paying attention to this.

I'm extrapolating her but I think it says:

"In brightest day
In blackest night
No Wifi shall
escape my sight."

Buy two? If it did those things, I'd buy five! Arms, legs, and....

I wonder how many idiots will buy the top tier "watches" that start at $10,000.

Allow me to put some perspective on the cost of luxury watches for those that keep harping about the $10k Apple Watch:


A $10+k luxury watch is NOT a new thing that started with Apple. It's been around for a long, long time, and those watches do NOTHING BUT tell time. Now granted, I personally would never spend $10k on a watch of any sort, cause that's just silly, in my opinion. However, I can guarantee that the very same hyper-wealthy people that previously purchased $10k "just a watch" watches will just as happily buy a $10k gold Apple Watch, purely for the bragging rights (which, honestly, doing stuff purely for the bragging rights is the exact reason a lot of gamers throw money around as they do).

TLDR; A $10k watch is not an Apple only thing, nor is it a new phenomenon that Apple started.

Further, it is not unreasonable for anyone with a decent job (like many tech and IT professionals) to spend $100-400 on a watch. In fact, I've known several (again tech and IT professionals) that have done so.


Never said Apple started it, just musing on how many idiots will buy Apple's $10k+ watches (because it's Apple).

Real glad to see this here.

I loved Nodwick.
First thing I'd read in every issue of dragon.



Never said Apple started it, just musing on how many idiots will buy Apple's $10k+ watches (because it's Apple).

To reiterate, it'll be many of the same people that have bought other $10+k watches in the past. Also, they likely won't be buying it just cause it's Apple; they'll be buying it cause it's currently the only smart-watch made of gold and costing $10+k. It's purely for bragging rights, not necessarily anything to do with Apple. I'm sure if some other company put out a $10+k smart-watch made of gold (or diamond, etc.), they would be just as likely to buy that.

EDIT: minor grammar correction.

As a long time reader of Nodwick, FFN, and PS238, I heartily welcome Mr. Williams and his work to the Escapist.

Wooo Aaron! 'Bout time you got some more publication! I hope this leads to much, much more! (Said more to include anime, TV and movie deals for PS238, and NCSoft selling you the rights to CoH :) )


The hardest thing to do is make a joke funny in 4 panels. It's like trying to invent a joke to be told in 4 sentences. Professional comedians don't succeed at that with any regularity. I think he did pretty well and I did chuckle at the end, so there's that.

Don't worry about the future though, Aaron's strength is in storytelling. His comics usually run multiple strips per storyline, include good sideband humor and build up to the punchline. I can't ever recall being actually disappointed at the finish, even when the humor doesn't hit the bullseye for me.

The text to art ratio is still way off here, you really don't need that many words, guys.

My big "problem" with this product is that to me it makes no sense. See, part of the reason why people will pay $10k for a watch is because it's a piece of jewelry that performs a "timeless" function using high quality mechanical components which will likely always be repairable as long as the watchmakers craft continues to exist (and with all those watches out there, especially expensive ones, it will likely do so). See, investing in jewelry is not just about the bragging rights, it's an investment as the materials are inherently valuable and will retain value, in many cases they will increase in value. It's a way of not just showing off, but also of storing wealth in a physical form that isn't dependent on banks, investments, or even currency. Your big gold watch is still a chunk of finely wrought gold that does something easily understandable, so if you lose your money, your country gets conquered, or you even need to trade something, right there you have an item of value. While mocked in movies there is a certain logic behind a rich guy offering his watch to someone as a bribe, and honestly having something like that for situations where you might need to make a quick, desperate, trade is actually premeditated. After all if you have some rich dude as your prisoner, and know who he is, him giving you his watch in exchange for letting him go might not be a bad deal. Unlike the movies where the bad guys figure "well, we'll take the watch AND pursue the Ransom" that's always touch and go, and having say $10,000 in your pocket, relatively risk free since you will have lead time to disappear can be tempting. Ditto for trading one for a car or whatever other kinds of situations you can think of.

The problem with a watch like apple is producing is that it's too technological, tech increases at a break neck pace, and within 5 to 10 years this thing is going to be obsolete. In 100 years the services on which it depends probably won't exist anymore. The watch thus becomes an oddity, and will probably lose all value other than that of the metal used to make it which is doubtlessly far less than the $10,000 asking price, where in comparison just a regular watch will retain the value of it's craftsmanship. A watch like that in 100 years will probably be worth more than it is now, and it's already worth more than the metal value (which is still likely substantial).

I could be wrong, but I suspect it won't take off as a lot of the people who invest in jewelry and such are probably going to be thinking a lot like I am. This watch can't be promoted as an investment or something that is going to maintain it's integral value.

Look at it this way, on the show "Pawn Stars" someone brought in an old Gold Plated Walkman, from a very limited run from an old contest or something. At the end of the day it wasn't worth that much because it's obsolete technology and there wasn't much gold value in the item. The same likely applies to these watches.

They joke, but if this really DID this, (and well) then I think the watches would practically be flying off the shelves.


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