Cinderella - Do You Believe in Magic?

Cinderella - Do You Believe in Magic?

Sometimes you need to be in a certain state of mind to enjoy a specific movie. Cinderella requires that.

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Huh. Didn't even know this existed up until now.

Still, while I highly doubt I'll watch it, I agree that's it's good for these types of films exist. I'm as cynical as the next guy, but even I can get worn out by rampant cynicism.

There isn't a lot you can do with Cinderella, is suspect this Sir Ken chalking up another film for his pension fund. The only thing that you could do was go back to the older version of the story La Cenerentola. I don't think Disney would be that brave and ditch the story which has already brought them big bucks

Caramel Frappe:
So the visuals in this movie is beautiful, but it has no concern on making sense. Huh .....

Yeah that is a big plot hole- when Ella promises to stay with her family because the house means the world to her, but as soon as the rich playboy prince comes along, she happily moves out asap. In truth, she didn't have to do her step family's bidding but she allowed this, and the step family are evil for the sake of being evil ..................... which is, problematic to me.

There are real life bullies and evil people, sure, but they do have reasons if you can believe that. I heard from someone else he couldn't stand seeing this movie because the step sisters were to cartoonishly evil- so that is saying something.

Anyhow, good movie review. I won't be seeing it, and obviously it's only there to entertain the young audience whom wants a live action version over the animated one.

I think it was more about her finally growing out of her obligation to dead parents. I mean, it is more then honorable to follow the "good way" tought by your mother, but staying in the same house with abusive non-relatives simply because you love this house is damn stupid. Besides, she did not even knew that he was a prince, she fell in love with an apprentice. Even if he really was one, she would have eventually said "Flock off father face" to her non-family and left with the guy to live in some other home, preferably other village.

As for non-family being evil for the sake of being evil... Well, it IS a children fairy tail. And an old one. Kids don't really need villains in their fairy tales to be deep.

As for the movie itself. My lady friend wanted to see it, so we did. And I liked it. The prologue is a bit long, but not too much, mice are just pets, not centerpiece like in animated version, good characters aren't cheesy. Yeah, it was a good movie.

EDIT: Yay! Post number 1000.

Andy Shandy:
even I can get worn out by rampant cynicism.

Pfft, all dark and gritty, all the time.

Our grit will blot out the sun!

OT: I'm not sure I see the point of making what amounts to a live-action retelling of a film that already exists...

Doesn't sound like something I'd go out of my way to watch, but I'd probably watch it with someone if they wanted to see it. It doesn't take much for films to impress me anyway.


Andy Shandy:
even I can get worn out by rampant cynicism.

Pfft, all dark and gritty, all the time.

Our grit will blot out the sun!

OT: Yeah, two hours seems like quite a stretch for this story. I'll probably pass.

Great review Marter. Though I can't help but feel critics are being particularly nice to this film because it isn't like the other recent more cynical fairytale films. As if the film isn't good on its own.

So it's a love child between the animated one and that Drew Barrymore one?

I will give it a pass for now, but if ever comes up on netflix then maybe, if there's nothing more interesting to watch.

I've always found the Cinderella animated film to be pretty looking but nothing beyond that. I got a little interested when I heard that a few little twists added to it, though perhaps they may still be there. If this live action is version is just pretty looking but nothing more, then I guess it succeeds in what it sets out to do. I'm still disappointed that they didn't go full-on Maleficent with this, but that project is apparently only for villains. Wouldn't it be awesome to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves transformed into a metaphor for substance abuse or some shit like that? I'd pay for that.

Good review, though I'm still toying on whether to see it now that I've finally got on board with watching Disney films when they show up, plus Frozen Fever might be cool.

Well hey, if my sister wants to go see an upbeat low-conflict no-tension movie, now I know where to take her. Thank you, sir!

I had no idea this was even a thing.

Maleficent I knew very well it was coming but I haven't heard anything about this which is weird.
Did they have a lack of confidence in it or am I just blind?

I've seen the animated one already and it seeing as this one doesn't really add anything of substance I guess I won't bother with it.

Oh come on! Where's the review about the important part? You know, the whole reason many people are going to see this:
The Frozen short. Not even a mention of it (or did I miss that)? :-)

Anyway, my friends and I are going to go see this--me because yes, I do want to see that Frozen film--and none of us are expecting to be blown away, but it sounds enjoyable. I'm glad it's not super dark and gritty like a lot of other re-tellings. Sometimes I like my childhood stories to stay nice and innocent.

Wow, a whole review for the after the credits scene for Frozen Fever. That's pretty thorough.

Cynicism aside, I've been interested in Branagh's visual take on Cinderella. I've liked his visual opulence when it comes to fantastical settings, and a Disney readaptation seems like a good fit for that. I'll check this out on bluray when it comes out. It never seemed that this would even attempt overtake "Ever After" in terms of the story and characterization department, but who could beat Leonardo Da Vinci in the fairy godmother role.


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