Feed Dump: This is America

This is America

With friends like these, who needs beer or shotguns?

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I guess someone misread the instructions and couldn't assemble the title sequence. It's probably being used as a coatrack.

It turns out that Acme is a real car company, and their vehicles are delightfully old and wouldn't look out of place in a WB cartoon.

The worst thing about that beer argument? They were both in their sixties. I guess decades of brand loyalty has given them some rather hard opinions.

Also, while I understand why they replaced the chair (we don't have to smell it) I'm kinda sad to see it go. It always looked like such a comfortable throne in which one could relax, rule Feed Dump, and be given an involuntary front-row seat to Beej dong.

My neighbours have probably seen me naked, sometimes all you need is shlong.

I will say that Evil Serge and Evil Beej, is not as funny as Evil Serge and Evil Alex...

but it comes close.

Kinda makes you wonder how someone so incompetent can manage to steal a car in the first place. He didn't even manage to cover half his face.

Wily Coyote had ancestors? I must have missed that episode.

"It's about a coyote trying to murder a roadrunner" Still more wholesome than Pepe le Pew if you think about it.

What I'm getting from the beer story is that some people don't like bush in their face.

Is that a facehugger plush?

Wait what? If I learned anything from my Criminal Law class, just because you're doing something on your own property doesn't mean it's legal. As long as something is within plain sight to anyone walking by I'm fairly sure that means it's not OK. That's like saying it's OK to store cocaine on your front lawn and saying the police can't do anything because it's on your property.

Since we're talking about the coyote finally catching Roadrunner...

Huh, I thought part of the joke with FD was that it was filmed in the prop room on old chairs...now it looks like an actual set...

Serge, are you OK? I don't think you're OK.

(Serge is bae on this show.)

Nope, you're dead to me Feed Dump. The purple chair was the only reason I kept watching. You guys took it out back and murdered it didn't you? You monsters..

thde named man stnading in the door..... wouldnt fly here. just being naked inside your house with ability for somone to see you through the window is a crime here. america have way too wicked "private property" laws.

but then these type of people shoot eachother for beer tastes so...

He's not doing it for your attention. It's strictly a comfort thing. Is it so hard just not to look at it?


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