Cougar Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Giveaway!

Cougar Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Giveaway!

Cougar Giveaway Social

Thanks to our friends at Cougar, we're offering The Escapist community a chance to win an ultimate gaming mouse and keyboard combo.

If you're looking to take your PC gaming to the next level, owning the right keyboard and mouse is a good first step and Cougar has you covered. The Cougar 700M is an adjustable, aluminum gaming mouse which is dedicated to professional gamers. It comes complete with a "sniper button", designed with 45 degree angle activation, to provide quick access, better stability and more precise aiming during game play. Pair that with the 700K premium mechanical gaming keyboard, and you're all set for your next gaming challenge.

Over the next seven days, we'll be giving away a Cougar 700 series combo pack to a grand prize winner, plus two 500K keyboards to two additional winners. Winners will be selected randomly from all entries and will be notified via PM on The Escapist. All you have to do is fill out the form below and answer the following question in the blank field for a chance to win: Cougar was founded by computer enthusiasts in what year?

This contest is open to all readers internationally. Good luck!

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How to Enter

  • You must be a registered member of The Escapist.
    You can sign up for your free account by clicking here, or Login with Facebook.
  • Complete the form below and submit for entry.
  • This is an international contest open to all readers.

The Rules

  • All contest submissions must be in no later than April 4th at 12:00 EST for a chance to win.
  • On April 4th, winners will be drawn and notified around 14:00 EST.
  • If chosen as a winner, you'll be notified via PM on The Escapist.

The contest has ended!

Thanks for your interest, but this contest is now over. Keep checking The Escapist for more contests and giveaways in the future.


An international contest here on the Escapist? Get out the Crayolas and colour me shocked. I hope this trend is set to continue.

My current mouse is starting to die and I cannot afford to replace it. This contest could be the answer to all my problems if I win!

*crosses fingers*

I've also never had a customized gaming keyboard but I've always put more attention on the mouse TBH

I don't usually go for contests, but I'm giving this one a shot. That mouse and keyboard look so sexy.

Saw I could win a new keyboard, need a new keyboard, in over enthusiasm fill in everything, forget to answer the question in the blank field.
Well, there goes my luck :(

Best of luck everyone, it's pretty cool to see a contest open internationally for once. Also, that mouse is looking really nice.

Good luck :)

Wickeeeeed! Good luck, everyone.

Going by the comments so far, I have relatively little need for this. In other words, Murphy's law is on my side. >:)

Is it weird that I'm asking for why there is no Term and Conditions like the past competitions?

I simply want to know what is the date the winner and runner ups are announce by email (usually found in the T& C) and the whole they cannot be blame if the product got damaged by post and etc.

Current mouse is dying slowly and agonizingly (and giving me hand cramps), need new one. Yes please! :D

My current hardware works great, but I could definitely find use for a mouse that has a better placed thumb button. I'm in.

It's worth pointing out that if, like me, you don't like Facebook and instead of going to you decide to find out the answer to the question by going directly to the company's website, unlike the Facebook address this company's official website has an all important hyphen in it's name.

cougarworld is something entirely different, the address you want is cougar-world.

I'm just glad it's evening and I'm at home rather than using a computer at work.

Heh, I've been looking into a new keyboard, actually, as this one is giving me some quirky issuey things.

Old sidewinder that's kinda derping in games. Ah well.

Good luck, folks. ;D

Hmmmm.....both my keyboard and mouse are banged up but functional. I've been thinking about getting new ones for about a year but haven't been able to justify it. Getting new ones for free certainly helps out in that regard. However, the things I've managed to ever win are a cheap t-shirt and a copy of Prince of Persia 3D. Pretty sure that game was punishment for something.

This win is going to boost my dank meme game.

Hmmm. They don't say if it is the cherry red or brown version of the keyboard on the 700k.
The 500k is membrane unfortunately but a step up from what I'm using now.

Just a short comment, but I'm really happy that The Escapist is doing an international competition/giveaway. It's always disheartening when something cool shows up, only to be halfway around the world and not able to participate.

Good luck, everyone! Happy gaming!

Same as most others: glad to see that the thing is international this time. Good luck everyone (but not enough you actually win, because I'd really like that mouse and keyboard).

Will definitely be a step up from the standard Dell KB & Mouse combo that came with my prebuilt XPS "gaming" rig I bought 4 years ago. Don't worry, I made my own rig last x-mas but due to budget I recycled the monitor/peripherals to get the best hardware for my budget.

so, I got this message...

You're a Winner!
14 Apr 2015 10:28 am
Congratulations! You have been selected as a winner for our Cougar Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Giveaway!

In order to receive your prize, please reply to this PM confirming you are over the age of 13 and with a contact phone number for the shipping company to contact you on in case of a failed delivery.

Have a wonderful day :)

You replied to this message on Tuesday, April 28th 2015 @ 5:09 pm

... I replied but have yet to receive anything. I tried contacting the sender, and escapist with no reply back from either.

did anyone actually win this?

jeez i can't get any responses through PMs or the forums about this trifling contest

jeez i can't get any responses through PMs or the forums about this trifling contest

Oh no! That is completely my fault. Many apologies. I just sent you a PM reply :)


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