Story of Seasons Review - Harvesting Adorable

As a huge Harvest Moon fan, and a Rune Factory fan. I must have this. *breathing intensifies*


just a note...natsume and marvelous didnt split because of 'differing views of the games future'
marvelous decided it would be better for them to use their in house branch (Xseed) to do the translations and localisations.
natsume owns the rights to the name 'harvest moon' in the west (as at the time the first monogatari games came out, the name 'farm story' was allready owned by someone in the west, so they chose 'harvest moon')

since natsume owns the rights to the name 'harvest moon' they decided to have a go at making their own farming game, in the same style.
marvelous chose to continue the mongatari games in the west going by the name 'story of seasons' now.

for the best explanation (with links ect) visit the link to the main harvest moon forums (known as Ushi no Tane) its been going for years, anything to do with harvest moon games end up being talked about here.

and if you need any info on any other harvest moon, rune factory or even legend of the river king or innocent life game, here is the main forum index

personaly, assuming they ever *get* to the eu, i will be buying both story of seasons and harvest moon: the lost valley.
and any more that can make it to my blighted and forgotten island ( many way to import or money to do so befor someone sugests it)


Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will be sure to read through the information you provided and update my review in order to reflect the correct information.


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