Woman in Gold - A True Story Made Boring

Woman in Gold - A True Story Made Boring

Woman in Gold takes a true story and turns it into a boring, made-for-TV movie that managed to secure a theatrical release because of its stars.

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I was semi-interested in the film, probably partially due to the cast, but I won't bother if it's this dull.

It's a shame to hear that it's so bland.

Where's Moviebooooooobbbbbbb

I really like Helen Mirren, so I'm disappointed that the film turned out dull. I was going to ask my Mom to go with me (HELEN MIRREN FANS UNITE), but I guess I'll have to wait for something else.

How is it that in a world so rich and diverse in experience, films that are 'based on a true story' always seem to be some of the most rigidly formulaic?

This sounds painfully dull even by true story standards.


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