Unskippable: Two Worlds

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Hilarious. xD

I didn't like it as much as last week's, but still good. Keep it up!

only a shame that this game's video and voice sequences (along with all the rest) is so dreadful that even a parody of it becomes painful to watch.

I kept wincing at the dialog that I missed half the funny stuff.

Was a great episode though, "I bet Jeff could do it!"

Damn, I think that my company finally got around to blocking the videos on this site. Now I can't watch any of them. And I was really looking forward to this today too...

to much taint :P
was the beginning a "quote" from sot Collossus???

Oh, Jeff the weather mage... Another great video, guys! Keep it up!

"horse! I gave you one job to do!"
With the death of [the name i can't remember]"
"The god of the Orcs"

It just sounded like you were talking to the game xD classic.

Wow nobody noticed shed decided to take a rest under a tree in a lightning storm. Talk about evolution in action.

I have to say this and Dirge of Cerberus and the getaway and lost planet have been their best

OMG the dialog was so bad

I lol'd at "taint magic"

The Koyaanisqatsi reference was so fitting and unexpected...very nice.

On the dialogue from the game though...is there some secret advantage to having horrible voice acting coupled with horrible dialogue? It often seems like it has to take *effort* to make it as bad as it gets in some of these...

that was awsome,

i still love the eternal sonata one though,

what about that puddle will the moon move it too

no thats stupid

Hilarious. Just like all the others. On a second note, I never played Two Worlds .. and after seeing this video, I'm really thankful for that.

The worst games in history, Are the funniest to make fun off.
"The Taint?"

oops! I got some taint on you, let me go get a towel.

Hey, Escapist, could you have made that ID bug a little bigger? I could still make out what was happening in the scene.

Hm, not quite as awesome as the one with Dirge of Cerberus. Still quite good though.
God, that one was -awesome-.

Also, what LAME script is in this game anyway xD

They should totally do Ace Combat 6 cutscnes next. At least the 2nd mission one... because it makes zero goddamn sense.


The line that killed me actually didn't receive any funny remark, but you could clearly read the subtitles:
"I do not have sufficient time".

It's just the wording of that line....god, that is horribly written.

I'm confused is this supposed to be funny, I'm not being a cunt but I just don't get it seriously that's not humour that's just lame comments with little relevance to whats happening. Zero Punctuation is humourous. seriously use some relevance in your jokes.

Plenty funny stuff in there :) ... loved the 'velcro' line.

Oh God i HATED that game, their was nothing good about it at all, the acting and writing was like some b-rated saturday morning cartoon with hail and shant throwed around FAR too much, the fighting looked like some simple manchild frailing his arms in the air with his eyes closed, the graphics looked sixth generation at best, the story was just the same recycled crap worthless writers come up with when creating something about magic, dragons and evil gods in the land of [insert name], any good writer would know that stories are best when their arent 'good guys' and 'bad guys' but when their are two different ideas against one another both capable of being seen as either good OR evil. The worst part about this game was that some people had the nerve to say it was better than Oblivion (personally my favouite game) so THAAAANK you Unskippable for making fun of this unlovable game.
'The taint made me say it all' - just a little joke to end it on

As if the dialogue wasn't awesome enough already...

well done good sirs. This is my favorite episode so far.

Was that really a Koyaanisqatsi reference?! I think I shat myself...

dear god the acting was terrible. if you're gonna do fake middle english then at least commit to it.

"The village elder will be with you directly"
Me: Beware his taint XD

Man, that game looks crappy. I'm loving this feature.

I heartily enjoy the Luigi's Mansion reference.


Need I say more?

this is no time to be quoting monty python!

"who is this guy talking to"?
"yes i got most of it though i was standing 40 feet away"!

I'm confused is this supposed to be funny, I'm not being a cunt but I just don't get it seriously that's not humour that's just lame comments with little relevance to whats happening. Zero Punctuation is humourous. seriously use some relevance in your jokes.

You're not a big fan of MST3K, are you?

That said, weeks later, this is still my absolute favorite Unskippable video. I can watch it over and over again and lol every time. Well done, guys.


"Taint magic!" gets me every time.

I'm not saying that I'm a professional harvester or anything, but that scything (or sickling whatever they call it) looked awfully ineffective. Like, nothing was happening there.

Lol, had me hooked instantly with the Philip Glass intro.

mmmmm taint cookies

For some reason why I was twelve I rented this game almost every week I could. It was sooo bad, the frame rate was the worst thing ever and the story was shit, but I couldn't help myself. I have no idea why. This was a hilarious video. Verily forsooth, 5/5, tis well done indeed.

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