Solar Sails: Not Just Special Effects

Solar Sails: Not Just Special Effects

Sci-fi like Avatar and Star Wars depict spaceships using solar sails, but NASA has a real solar sail mission planned.

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Nice to see someone mention ISV Venture Star from Avatar, that's one of my favourite fictional space ships. I love the details like the way the structure is based on tensile strength as they were the strongest materials they had that were suitable for building it and it's sister ship, both the photon sail and the antimatter drive "pull" the ship instead of "pushing" the ship in the more traditional sci-fi style. The way it has huge radiators to shed heat and has a reflective shield so the huge propulsion Lasers don't incinerate the ship as well all set my nerd senses tingling.

Despite the film being "kinda okay but meh" I really like that ship but its often forgotten or overlooked.


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