This Week In Gaming History

This Week In Gaming History

This week in gaming, we look back at Atari's First Computer and recall fond memories of trying to save lemmings from certain doom.



I recall this more then the lemmings, which stressed the shit out of me.

i love lemmings!!!

Ah yes... ye olde Lemmings. I had that on a very old PC back when I was like... 12. I sure sucked at it first, but I was a persistent bugger back then. True hardcore. Mm.. I do enjoy the very concept, and the gameplay. Haven't played any of the later ones though, but I do have a friend who's obsessed with it.

Oh, I miss Lemmings... I may have to go find an online version and play in remembrance...

lemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmings! lol

still got the original dos lemmings and two versions on my phone oh YEA!!


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