Game Theory: Batman + Superman + COW = ???

Batman + Superman + COW = ???

I just got done playing Lego Batman 3, and there are SO MANY CHARACTERS to unlock. Seriously, like 150. And while a lot of the comic book characters I recognized -- Joker, Lex Luthor, Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns -- there was a WHOLE lot more that I didn't, like a half-Superman, half-Batman hybrid, and a robotic Superman, and a Batman COW! So I'm digging deep into comic lore to shed some light on these lesser-known characters, and what I've found is that the characters you DON'T know are WAY cooler than the ones that you DO!

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Woah, MovieBob shout-out! Yeah, I don't have time for comic-books but a lot of the back stories are interesting to say the least, the wackier the better.

Always interesting to see what Lego does with their games. The outward appearance may fool people, and it may not be the most complex game in the world, but because of that it's fun, and the mechanical work of engines and such are already done, leaving the developers free to put all the love for the subject matter they can fit into the piece.

Curiously, at least for the Batman mythos, the Arkham series pulls this off too. I've noted to more than one person who had never played it but was planning to that it wasn't a big deal if they didn't know a ton of Batman before going in; they'll be able to learn a ton just by playing the games if they feel so inclined.

I don't think there's anyone who doesn't love Dex-Starr, though. Red Kitty of Rage is too fun. Willpower is indeed the most "boring", however the compensation is that the power doesn't own you. Star Sapphires and Red Lanterns, as well as the Indigo Tribe, pay pretty large prices for wielding that power. I mean hell, taking a ring off a Red Lantern is basically killing them. Star Sapphire rings will take control of you if you let them, aaaand Indigo...well...let's just say their members used to be some pretty crazy people before they joined the tribe, as I understand it.

I could have used some more Deus Ex screen shots every time he said "DEUS EX MACHINA!" But you didn't get into how Cyborg Superman got back on his feet and joined the Sinestro Corps.

As Linkara would say; It's magic, we don't have to explain ANYTHING!

I dunno if the power of willpower is the most boring out of all of them, but I think that maybe it hasn't been done to the best of what could be done with it. And even though that could be done with all of the colors of the magical rings, since there has been green rings since when the Green Lantern started, people label it as dull because the writers did not show enough ambition to what green rings could do better than the other rings at the time of the other rings' introduction. Or am I wrong? I mean why isn't there a green lantern that has lives and breathes willpower that it's just ridiculous?

*sigh* I miss MovieBob's lighthearted rants about comics, before he went coocoo and started ranting about the oxygen he was breathing, how he was offended about it, how everyone were wrong for telling him otherwise and how Nintendo can literally do no wrong :/

so... I think I'm like mega level comic book nerd because none of these were new :(
and it's kinda sad that you chose Dex-Star when Larfleeze is far more interesting. He's the single member of the orange lantern who are powered by greed and the rest of the corps is made from orange projections because having more than one real member would make them fight each other for the ring as their greed dominates their character, that to me is far more interesting than a cat that pukes blood and flues around killing people

Nice choice with the SNES Shadowrun music.

I also happen to like the offbeat characters more. Jay Garrick is my favorite Flash, and I love some old school JSA with their weird characters like Catman and Mister Terrific.


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