Guitar Hero Live Hands-On - Rock Star Ambitions

Guitar Hero Live Hands-On - Rock Star Ambitions

Guitar Hero Live's first person mode isn't all it is hyped to be, but the game does have some some good qualities, too.

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So GHTV is free? I'm really liking what I'm hearing. My wife on the other hand is dreading me filling up the living room with another generation of plastic instruments.

On one hand, the idea of buying more plastic crap and the whole 'live' thing sounds incredibly unpleasant and like it won't really work.

...On the other hand, if this does execute how they intend for it to and it works out well, then this could be awesome.

We'll see how well LIVE works for this. I'm hopeful for them but not setting my expectations too high.

eDIT: I completely forgot to mention that the new approach to the guitar sounds fucking awesome btw. The only other hope I have for the game is potentially branching out into covering japanese rock as well. I'd love to play like say, White Light by Superfly or Ride on Shooting Star by The Pillows. I know that's an extremely high expectation, but if they're truly expanding their music library, the obvious choice is to go with overseas music as well.

I like that they are trying something new with the button layout, but I think in practice it will cause far more problems with the game.

First, it's going to make you get a whole new fake instrument, which probably will have its own problems.

Second, the "virtual" feeling you get from playing a fake plastic guitar was a great approximation without having to learn the first thing about guitar playing. Removing the tactile feel of moving your hand up and down the neck of the guitar could dull that feeling. It's chasing that feeling that made the game more than just a dumb rhythm game where you press a button when the circles meet.

Third, GH could use to be more accessible, but I hear some words in this writeup that sounds more like dumbing down for casuals. GH used to do a great job of completely rewriting songs for each difficulty. Slow Ride in GH3 was a completely different experience between easy and hard modes. I'm not sure we need to switch the controls to address that.

I dunno. This all seems rather bland to me. Of course, I'm essentially a tall five-year-old, and I like colors dammit.

And watching videos of pre-recorded people being switched back and forth as you play, instead of a next gen stage with cool, perhaps very customisable characters doing ridiculoudly entertaining things?

Seems like a step back, in a way. To the days of fmv.

It sounds like the devs don't even know their own game.

"Most people stayed on medium difficulty, we lost a lot of people when you had to use your pinky"

Medium was using your pinky.

Easy was 3 notes only, medium was 4 notes only, then hard and expert were 5 notes.

I don't think they lost anyone at medium, that was what felt the most natural. 4 notes for 4 fingers. They lost people at hard and expert because you had to move your hand up and down and use 1 finger for 2 different notes.

I'm not even interested in this new GH because of the way it's set up here, I loved playing on medium, I thought it was perfect difficulty wise and songs were generally fun to play when you had 1 note for each finger.

I still feel that the five buttons on the old controller are a greater challenge than the six they are implementing. If anything, playing a ripping solo is going to feel a lot less like an adrenaline rush and a lot more like typing practice. It looks like I'll still have to stick with Rock Band to get my metal on. Thankfully, the two are going to be so obviously different that I won't be buying both just to play both soundtracks.

I like how their attempt to make the game more engaging literally makes it infinitely less engaging.


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