Escapist Podcast: 178: Favorite Fighting Games

178: Favorite Fighting Games

The Escapist staff discusses some of our favorite fighting games.

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Lots of fun watching you try to figure out if Voldo's name is Voldo.

The approach I like to take with fighting games is to try and play every character, you sort of get good with the fundamentals that way. That said, Kilik in Soul Calibur is a lot of fun. As is Voldo, if only for the weird factor. For Smash Brothers, as the roster's expanded, I've started to favour characters with swords - even more so, now that most of them have counters.

Ryu's fireballs traveled faster and had less recovery time of vulnerability after he shot one, Ken's uppercut had a fire effect with the heavy button and they all had significantly less recovery, making them harder to punish. Basically this means Ryu is more suited for a zoning approach while Ken is more of a run in and press buttons character. Also a few of their regular attacks had different animations and properties to them.

Wish a bit more time was spent talking about Guilty Gear and Blazblue though!

Raul Julia was M Bison in Street Fighter, not Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter was a corny ball of crap. Mortal Kombat is arguably one of the great cinematic works every put to film.

Also no mention of Primal Rage or Clay Fighters?

If anyone seen the Street Fighter animated movie, do yourself a favor and go check that out. Literally one of the best game translated animated pieces of work, ever.

Ryu and Ken *were* identical in the original. Only one throw animation was different (Ken did a flip kick throw, Ryu shoulder throw). Only in subsequent editions, I remember the first distinctions were:
- Ryu's fireball travelled faster
- His Shoryuken knocked down in one hit and did more damage, but Ken's travelled further horizontally and hit up to 3 times. Later on it also set enemies on fire.
- Ryu's hurricane kick knocked down in one hit. Ken's could hit up to 5 times as well, and left them standing (unless dizzied).
- Ryu's overall speed was faster

so much wrong here, sorry to be that guy but...

Raul Julia = SF movie not MK
original SFII Ryu=Ken the differences did not come till later.


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