The Bloody Trail and History of California's Night Stalker

The Bloody Trail and History of California's Night Stalker

Richard Ramirez went on a six-month crime spree that included at least 15 murders and more than 65 felonies. The Night Stalker remains one of the worst serial killers in history.

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A truly grim but fascinating read about someone I'd never heard of! Nice one! :D

One thing I've never understood is how someone who is so obviously guilty of such numerous and heinous crimes can even get appeals. By the sounds of it the dude was all but wearing a t-shirt saying "Yep, I totally did it. Ha-ha!" which is so open and shut it should have been a simple matter to just throw the book at him. How on earth do you try to reason anyone into reducing his sentence?

Gah, this is how the Joker keep getting away with it, isn't it?

I've seen the court pictures of him before, but I never really knew what he did. I just knew that he was one scary bastard from what I understand.

After reading about him, I can see why.

Dude gave zero fucks about what he did, and it's scary how much he reveled in it.

Every time I read about someone like this guy, someone who can act with a level of remorseless evil that I didn't think was possible, I find myself agreeing with those antagonists from anime and video games who believe the only way to save the world is to burn it to the ground and start anew.


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