Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Daredevil

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Exploring Daredevil

Exploring the 2003 Daredevil feature film.

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Video could not be loaded ..unsupported format .. => doesn't load in Firefox with extensions, nor basic Explorer 11 (win 7 x64)

I got to watch the advertisement, but not the actual video.

Just here to report the same issue. Both Firefox (extensions disabled)and IE 11 get a media not supported message. I can watch the ad, so there's that.

Glad to see you getting some credit for your work, Cecil. Congrats on getting picked up.

Dude, you are much better than MovieBob. Really well put together video. After finishing the TV series I want to seek out the Director's Cut to see what this film was supposed to be.


Spaceman Spiff:

Cheesy Goodness:

Sorry about that folks, should be working now. Let me know if you have any further issues.

An interesting and thorough rundown. I sighed when I saw the length, but ended up watching it through to the end. Curse you for keeping me from productivity (and I look forward to further installments.)

Great to see a WELL DONE movie feature on the Escapist!

I appreciate how in detail this goes, showing why Daredevil's theatrical cut is the mess it is. I own the director's cut on DVD and that is indeed the proper version.

Silly meddling studio.

That was very, very interesting. Thank you a great deal!

You should all watch Cecil's stuff on YouTube, truly some well made and greatly entertaining stuff.

OT: Hey Cecil!, great to finally seeing ya here in The Escapist!, are you going to upload your Good Bad Games stuff?, or just your Exploring/GoodBadFlicks stuff?

Very interesting. I knew a lot of the broad strokes of the stories covered here, but not a lot of the details. I'll be honest, I'd despaired for the site as long-time contributors left en masse, but this did give me some hope that the site may recover.

It's like a PBS special on terribleness... I love it.

Really liking this one, its informative without being smug.

Cool video. I thought I knew all the DD Easter Eggs, but this had a couple I didn't notice before.

well dammit I usually come here to complain. Since the recent mass exodus of escapist content producers I hadn't see a single thing until now I've liked. This was really good man. I'll go check out your youtube channel right now.

Now I need to track down the directors cut. "awww I gotcha right in the nuts!"

Ok, I'll give the Directors Cut a try. Clearly the studio was more at fault for the failure as a film. I don't think it will fix it that much. To me much of the problem with it was the over the top Goth(sense depth coffin which was an issue when he was a kid not an adult), coupled with too much plot for one movie to ever contain. I don't see how you can do an Electra, Deadshot, and Fall of the King Pin all in one movie, and do them justice.

The image freezes on the guy with the pacemaker scar, though the audio still plays.

This was really good. I'm liking the changes on the site I must say.

Marter's more complete reviews and this excellent introduction to a new content provider makes me miss Moviebob not at all. This rundown felt way more balanced and thoughtful than some of Bob's stuff.

Keep up the good work!

The video itself plays fine for me, but I can't skip ahead or go back by clicking on the time bar, like it was possible with the old video player.

I liked the video though. It was longer than the videos we usually (or used to) get here on the escapist, but it was well paced and had definitely enough content to justify that length.

I think I'll track down a Director's Cut of Daredevil now.

There is quite a bit of love in this movie's production, it's too bad it gets so much hate.

Sorry about that folks, should be working now. Let me know if you have any further issues.

Shitty video players is still shitty. The only thing that played was the add, when the supposed "video" was going to start, the only thing I see is the unchanging multi-shade red hexagonal background, and it's constantly buffering. I can't get more than 10 seconds into it without getting a "you have aborted ..." message.

Can you just end this failed "experiment" and go back to using youtube?

Thunderous Cacophony:
It's like a PBS special on terribleness... I love it.

Did you even watch the video? He spends very little time talking about the failings of the movie, and spends more time talking about little easter eggs and other behind the scenes tidbits.

Cool video. Still on the fence about renewing my Pub Club membership (that I thought was supposed to auto-renew, but whatever), but more content like this definitely nudges me on the side of losing $20 (or whatever it costs now).

This was a really interesting video. I'm going to have to track down that director's cut now. One thing I dd really like about the original was Bulls-eye. Sure his over the top nature didn't really fit the tone of the movie too well, but he was really entertaining to watch.

I have to say, looking at some of this guy's previous content and this video itself, I'm thinking that this may be the best new content the site has had in quite some time. Super informative and excellently paced.

Hey, just dropped by to say that this was my intro to Good Bad Flicks, and I liked what I've seen so far. Interesting exploration of how the aesthetic object we see completed (though I guess with the proliferation of alternate cuts, the "completeness" takes on a certain provisionality) is shaped by competing visions/agendas during the production process.

The ending screen looked a bit YouTubey (for lack of a better term), but I'm sure that's just an early thing to tell people to venture to the YouTube account.

Still, interesting video and I agree on the dark and gritty complaints. This isn't like Man of Steel wherein the characters keep bringing up hope and optimism despite it not being there, Daredevil (at least this film's Daredevil) isn't exactly a chipper, inspiring character. Though I do love Man of Steel. Same for Batman I suppose.

Great video, Cecil. I like the behind-the scenes look at the production of the film and why it turned out the way it did. I also like the in-depth comic book insight you give.

Oh thank goodness. I've been seriously missing movie discussion videos and this one is fantastic.

Did you guy's see his Blaire Witch 2 video?

Studios be trippin'.


Thunderous Cacophony:
It's like a PBS special on terribleness... I love it.

Did you even watch the video? He spends very little time talking about the failings of the movie, and spends more time talking about little easter eggs and other behind the scenes tidbits.

I did, thank you. It was a road map to how the film turned out poorly despite having a strong cast, from the adaption of Frank Miller's ideas to how Spider-Man led the studio to change the budget but not want more comic book design elements, to the editing and later added scenes throwing things off. It did include a lot of information breaking down how and why certain shots were done, but it's more than just an IMBD trivia page.

Alright, after an excessively numerous amount of attempts I finally got through the whole video without the image freezing or the sound cutting out.

Totally worth it though.

Damn I'd heard that the director's cut was better, but I never realized just how badly they'd mangled the theatrical cut in comparison to it. I'm gonna have to check it out.

Interesting video, but I thought casting Michael Clarke Duncan was a mistake. MCD was amazing to me because, despite his insane size, he never felt intimidating. Like, at all. It was almost uncanny how someone that huge could be so NOT threatening. Maybe it's one of those things where you can never see the actor past a previous role, and all I could think about when I saw him was "The Green Mile", but he just seemed like a giant teddy bear.

Nice work, Cecil. I'm especially happy about the new Psychostick theme song. Looking forward to the next video.

Really can't believe you dumped MovieBob for that.

Interesting, this is more akin to what I expected from Jim Sterling's "Movie Defense Force". That said in checking back on other videos I personally felt the "Blair Witch 2" episode was better and covered more of the kinds of things people would need a video series like this to tell them about. With the "Daredevil" episode here it seemed mostly a matter of "hey guys, the movie was bad because the studios cut it to death and tampered with it, but there is a directors cut that restores huge amounts of footage" which is informative but not that same way. In the case of BW2 it's a valid point most people don't realize that among other things it was another media experiment to see if it could be used in a different fashion from the first movie, by including those tidbits in the movie that needed to be put in on a website to fully explain what was going on (along with the other problems, not all of which I personally think were problems but we'd have to disagree). One bit that seemed to be missing there was that apparently there was also a book series (most people know of the video games but not the books) that actually elaborated on some things and wound up tying into aspects of both movies as well.

Hmmm well I mentioned more about another video than this one, but mostly to say it was a better piece of work and touched on things that I feel people didn't know and would be unlikely to uncover on their own especially seeing as they have apparently abandoned "Blair Witch" as a franchise unlike Daredevil which if anything is likely to be on a rise meaning old material is likely to get a second chance which can happen with the Director's Cut release. The BW franchise will likely never get another chance due to it's failures and well... I won't get into the entire conspiracy theory angles which both involve crazy theories about the nature of the footage including cosmetically modified actors to assume the roles of real missing people and other insanity, or on an entirely different track the movies being fake but being part of a Polybius-like human influence experiment.

Thor Doomhammer:
Really can't believe you dumped MovieBob for that.

Infinitely better than anything Bob's released. Good riddance.

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