Can You Guess What These Strange Science Pictures Are?

Can You Guess What These Strange Science Pictures Are?

Can you figure out what's going on in these bizarre, outrageous, beautiful, and insane science pictures?

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I love how wacky nature can be. That 'living rock' threw me for a loop - I've never seen anything like it and was really hoping I was not in fact looking at a living thing that had been split in half. But either way, thanks for the insight into some crazy creatures.

Some I got close (I figured the underwater crop circles were made by worms not puffer fish) but the only one I got dead right was the wobbegong, if only because I already knew what they were. All interesting though. I could watch that Pharaoh's Serpent thing all day

This one was a lot easier for me but I love the discovery channel and the underwater crop circles were on QI. As for the ice cream, I just couldn't tell it was glow in the dark from the picture.

That being said I love these segments, and look forward to seeing further ones.

Got them all, have to try harder next time...

Though to be fair I majored in Marine Ecology in college so it was a bit easy XD

I thought the first one was some kind of mutant, out of control toe nail growth.


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