Top 15 Comic Books of April 2015

Top 15 Comic Books of April 2015

The Escapist's Comics & Cosplay channel shares its picks for the best comics of April 2015.

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I got to say Uncanny X-men was a breath of fresh air after the over long turd that was Last Will. Last Will took way too long for anything to happen and then it basically said "Fuck the story" with the end.

I think Convergence: Superman was one of the only ones I liked, they all feel the same. Quick glimpse of the heros, Telos tells them to fight, enemy shows up. A couple of managed to be really good like Action Comics (fun seeing Red Son and Action together) Blue Beatle was a lot of fun and Boster Gold managed to shake things up and actually felt more relevant than the main title (which is just a slog). I do think its a shame that Convergence is focusing so much on the fighting of various past cannons, instead of giving readers new stories.

Batman #40 was killer but I think Justice League should be up there too, its events where a blast.


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