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Lvl 64 Klutz:
My experience with Tumblr is a little different.

To me, Tumblr is a place where a bunch of slacktivists go to smugly make the least controversial social commentary among like-minded people so they can all pat each other on the back for being so progressive.

I've yet to find a single website where people don't smugly pat each other on the back for one thing or another. Tis the nature of the internet. People like echo chambers.

Yeah, no. I never liked Twitter at all. I wish it never existed. Twitter is one of the biggest cancers of the internet.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to hop on my Rascal and head to the park to yell at the kids.

Solaire of Astora:
Fulfill is spelled correctly in the comic.

Why... thank you for noticing.

The Wooster:

Solaire of Astora:
Fulfill is spelled correctly in the comic.

Why... thank you for noticing.

What the fuck? I wasn't even aware that was also a correct spelling. I guess I got schooled. :(

Nice to know, though, I guess. Goddang weirdo non-American spellings of words.

Digg and Reddit are missing from this comic, but I guess the less said about those two, the better.

It's obvious now that people will use their anonymity to say whatever is on the top of their heads, but I don't think the creators behind twitter knew how ridiculously vile it could become. Besides that, I have an idea of most twitter messages ranging between pointless and benign. We just tend to notice the horrible ones more...

I've found that discussing almost anything online evolves into standard responses. If someone is typing in a good-mannered way, people assume they're gullible. If someone states something, people will assume they're an arrogant know-it-all. If someone writes in an emotional way, others either respond to it in kind or assume them to be bi-polar freak without self control.

I find the most frustrating people to be those who refuse to consider any other viewpoint than their own. The worst ones are the hypocrits who flat out make no sense when they're caught breaking their own rules, and refuse to reassess the discussion.
Having grown up with instant messaging, chat channels and message boards, I've said some extremely stupid things (like most, if not all people) and facing those things really brings things into perspective.

And that right there is the smartest thing I've read about the problems with social media, especially Twitter and Tumbler. To me, those two sites, and Craigslist, are tainted by that kind of jackassery of misuse. If you act like an asshole on those places, you reveal yourself to be an asshole. I believe Phil Coulson put it best: "This is what I love about social media; the people are surveiling themselves."

Lvl 64 Klutz:
My experience with Tumblr is a little different.

To me, Tumblr is a place where a bunch of slacktivists go to smugly make the least controversial social commentary among like-minded people so they can all pat each other on the back for being so progressive.

And mine is just full of funny dog pictures and me promoting my own band. The internet is what you make it!

What's wrong with Cardcaptor Sakura? D;

OT: I don't own any social media account stuff. I have a phone, and random people to talk to in pubs/bars.


RJ 17:
As I said in the Off Topic Discussion thread on this note:

RJ 17:
*In a pirate voice* Arrrgh! The loyalties of the rabid left be a harsh and fickle mistress!

Seriously, from what I can tell groups such as the over-aggressive feminists will never be satisfied because they don't want to be satisfied. If their grievances were ever addressed and resolved, they'd no longer have anything to be pissed off about...and then what would they do with their lives? They'd have lost their purpose.

I prefer to see them living without a purpose than all of us living in a shitstorm. Luckily those aren't the only two options.

Groups like PETA and some radical-feminist groups and religious groups only real purpose is make themselves feel like they're the only decent, moral people in the world. The best way to keep that up is to have ridiculously unrealistic expectations and interpret everything as uncharitably as possible. The purpose is their own ego and has nothing to do with anyone else.

that looks nothing like josh whedon. 0/10

Well, I was going to point out that it looks nothing like JOSS Whedon, but now I'm just wondering who this Josh guy is.

Welp now I need to go and watch Cardcaptor Sakura...

I've actually had a really good experience with Tumblr. Probably because all of the blogs I follow fall into one of three categories.

1. Artist's blogs, who are generally too poor and overworked to care about controversy.
2. "Ask-a-character" blogs that run for a couple months, peter out and disappear.
3. Blogatog.

I avoid all other social media like the plague.

Between this and the group of dickbag writers who are boycotting PEN because of their tribute to the 'racist' Charlie Hebdo, it's been a pretty shit month for the 'left'.

By the gods, those were dark times.

It is about time for world where good propaganda and lies can turn things around.

It seems like all nerds both love and hate Joss Whedon simultaneously. Personally I don't get either position.

But yeah, it speaks very well of human nature when the shortest, simplest, and one of the most unregulated platforms is the most popular.

It's true. But you want to know what the sad thing is?

These people type in three words of an uninformed opinion and we can't stop talking about them. That's the really sad thing. They barely have to try and the spotlight just zooms in on them.

Cuz we love some bullshit and to have someone to hate.

Which why, though I still hate Twitter, I don't blame it. We've always been like this. Twitter is just the newest way to express what hate-filled little creatures we really are.

I've never understood the love people have for Whedon. Buffy was good and Angel had its moments and were my first encounters with his work when young but since then It's become obvious he can only write one character. He writes that character very well but it's still only one character.

OT: Every mention of this Snafu is hilarious. The fact is that people who identify as feminists harassed him over black widow and Scarlet witch and yet people are pulling the old "Just because they say they are feminists doesnt mean they are" That they supposedly hate. Says alot about the two camps currently stinking up the internet.

Whedon claims he just left twitter because he wanted quiet time but come on. Theres trying to defend your feminist cred and then theres just Vehemently denying that you are on fire while the flames slough your skin off.

I read a little bit about this nonsense and people need to get a grip. What a bunch of self righteous assholes people are, they think they are better than yet attacking someone with such ferocity as to make them leave twitter shows that those people attacking him are the real assholes.

Hutzpah Chicken:
I remember the old days before all this social media. The day's that 4chan and 7chan fought in the Boxxy Wars.

My old days were when bandwidth was measured in 4 digit Baud rates...
I wish I could still remember anything else from that long ago.

RJ 17:
I don't care how silly it sounds, but one of the things I am most proud of in my life is that I have never - and will never - had an account on a social network site.

^ TallanKhan likes this.

OT: Every time I see a story like this I lose a little faith in humanity. There is something awfully toxic about the idea that a creative is "at fault" just because their output doesn't fit with any particular group's agenda. Criticism is one thing, criticism is positive, if you find something offensive, say so and if you feel that strongly don't buy the next thing they produce. That said, it is a huge leap from that to "I don't like what you made so you are in the wrong"

I only have a Facebook to talk with friends, organise meetups with them and hear about news so I can Google it and attempt to find something unbiased/un-sensationalized (It's great exercise for your patience by the way). Never really cared about Twitter or Instagram or Vine or any of that newfangled stuff.
Problem is people take things on the internet too seriously, start following untested things and taking whatever guff they see at face value. People get scammed more easily and just seem to do whatever's hip and cool.
There's no fact checking anymore.
Got into a debate the other day with someone about Islam which started because they used the term 'Dark Ages' incorrectly.
World's knowledge at your fingertips and all that jazz.

We don't need an excuse to act like cunts; it's humanity's default state.

HumanOS needs an upgrade, but I think the dev abandoned the project. Can anybody find them on Twitter?

Dude, this strip so much <3 You hit it right on the nose dude

I'm kind of confused why people are blaming Joss Whedon's leaving twitter on angry feminists.

I thought he was attacked by angry fan boys who hated Age of Ultron and I was generally under the impression the movie didn't live up to the hype. Hell when I googled what the heck was going on this morning, the first thing that pops up is a Verge article that titled "Joss Whedon says angry feminists didn't drive him away from twitter."

Actually, he's essentially saying the entire internet drove him off the internet because he's looking for a quiet place to write.

I could not agree more more. Burritos fucking rule!

And twitter gets to... Eeesh. You said it all the best, Grey.
I still fucking hate tumblr, too, but twitter's anti harassment policy is so fucking spectacularly useless, they might as well just Dox you themselves.

Also, marzipan condom!? Been watching some of Malcolm Tucker's greatest hits, I see :P
(though to be fair, he used 'marzipan dildo')

So, has anyone here bothered to look up Whedon's OWN story in all of this?

I think any online forum should have "don't be a cunt" as their first rule.

So, has anyone here bothered to look up Whedon's OWN story in all of this?

Yeah but you see he's just saying that because... erm... I got nothing.

I hate how many of these things turn out to be complete crap because people want everything to be simple "X caused Y because Zs are all idiots". Having said that the things said to him were still unacceptable

Scars Unseen:
With that kind of background, it's clear that this Joss Whedon guy is a menace to women everywhere. Pass the pitchforks!

He gave them a finger, they took his twitter.

By pandering to the SJW's, he put himself in the center of their attention.
An SJW cannot be pleased however, because if they are pleased, they aren't "oppressed", and when they aren't "oppressed", they don't really have much else in life.

I feel like they've been warming up for like a week to do this comic, with their other comic involving the word cunt, lol. Anyway, bravo. I completely agree. And the same goes for bumper stickers on cars.

"Hey, I've got a complex and storied opinion on a thing, but I'd rather boil it down to a simple blurb on the back of my car because being easily labelled and identified by both my peers and enemies is more important to me than being fully understood."

It's really sad too, Joss Whedon courted this audience of radicals and it bit him in the ass.

Hoist by his own petard.

It's really sad too, Joss Whedon courted this audience of radicals and it bit him in the ass.

Hoist by his own petard.

I wonder if he learned anything from the experience, considering the eagerness he believe the same claims when they weren't leveled at him previously. Hopefully more people see and learn that you don't need to out-radical-progressive everyone else by witchhunting lesser progressives like a pyramid scheme from hell. Hell, I'd settle for people realizing there is a difference between being for the Left and being a radical douchebag using that as a means to deflect criticism. Both from people looking at those who ran Joss off critically, and those within the left side of things who defended that sort of crazy behavior in the first place.

Which is why you always look for sources to the alleged tweet/post. Because Tumblr is sin and lies!

Seriously, this is too true for me to handle.

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