Is It Possible? "A Phantom Edit" Makes Star Wars Prequels Surprisingly Good

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Scars Unseen:

Improving the prequels, step 1, cut out Phantom Menace. Yep, sounds about right...

Step 2: Cut out Attack of the Clones.

I thought step 2 was removing Hayden Christensen. I'd honestly love an inverse of this edit where it focuses on the politics and war and cut the love story.

I think that a good use of CGI would be to replace Hayden Christensen with a young Sebastian Shaw. Take that!

These movies were basically ruined by adding the trade federation nonsense and by failing at the representation of Anakin. I still like Obi-Wan and the Emperor though.

[quote="shirkbot" post="6.874990.21993426"]I think that a good use of CGI would be to replace Hayden Christensen with a young Sebastian Shaw. Take that!

They should have the Clone Wars guys just go ahead and remake the whole thing from scratch.


the silence:
I just watched it. I have never seen the first 3 episodes.

Some scenes are still really bad acted. Holy shit.

Apart from that, nice story, mostly consistent (I only wondered why Anakin had a Robot Arm after some time without context).

As if the original trilogy was such a stellar piece of acting all-round.... people are just blinded by nostalgia.

Oh yes because nominated for multiple academy awards (and won a few), and placed among multiple best pictures has made people become blinded by nostalgia.

No amount of editing can somehow go back in time and fix the awful direction/writing which resulted in such stiff and wooden acting from just about every actor. Not to mention some of the most boring cinematography in the history of film.

I thought the edit was overall quite good - though I did struggle to keep watching through some of the middle scenes.

My one disappointment was with the ending, where it doesn't do enough to underline that Anakin/Vader killed Padmé to stay alive himself.

I still need to watch the fan-edit of The Hobbit... maybe this weekend.

I'm hesitant on watching this one. The CIS were my favourite part of the prequel trilogy, the worst part of that being the ham-fisted and thoroughly terrible conclusion to them (seriously, the whole point of the Super Battle Droids and Commander Droids was to avoid this shit, what happened?!), and I imagine we still have to put up with that bullshit because of the Obi-Wan v Anakin fight.

There have been some comments about how "the best parts" of the prequel trilogy were butchered in this fan-edit. I personally love the Palpatine story and wish there was a lot more Sith in it (but that's what the full length films are for). I think that the best approach would be for Andrew Kwan (who made this edit), or someone else to compile a companion edit that focuses on Obi-Wan's journey. There were so many good scenes left on the cutting room floor, but the whole point of the edit was to tell the story from mainly one perspective. In that regard it worked wonders.

On another note, if you didn't watch the music video on page 2 it is well worth the time (An Unhealthy Obsession - Anakin and Padme). It portrays the creepiness of Anakin beautifully.


Less hateable? Please. For all the bitching HC gets, that freakin' kid ruined the movie for me. Christensen may not have shot to stardom, but Phantom Menace effectively aborted Lloyd's acting career. He barely did anything but sit in a cockpit or hang out in the background. He barely had lines. Anakin was more of a prop in the Phantom Menace than a character. And considering how his character turned in the sequels, I consider that a positive.

He had a total of about 6 minutes in lines, which isn't huge, but it's more time than, say, the alien in Alien (for reference, combined time of all aliens in Aliens was about 9 minutes).

It's funny you should compare him to a prop, because he mostly talks like a doll. Here's every line he has ( I got slightly over a minute through before I had to stop. It's not ear-gratingly bad, but it doesn't mesh too well with the rest of the film (except maybe Jarjar).

I may have to watch it again to see how my impressions change - even Jarjar wasn't so annoying the second time around, so there's hope for Anakin.

EDIT: Okay I changed my mind. "Blow you up, POOM!" (1.45) is now my personal equivalent of jumping the shark.

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