Good Bad Flicks: Arachnoquake


Hey, you got monsters in my disaster movie.

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How exactly did he loose the boat in the first place? Like, you don't just loose a boat, that's pretty hard to misplace.

Also, no fallout references for the fire breathing spiders?

Psychostick!!! Beer *is* good, even though I've never drunken a drop of it!!!

Anyway, liked this video, thanks :)

I hate you so freakin much right now, CG spiders I can handle but that closeup of an actual one's face almost gave me a ****in heart attack.

It's OK, I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway.

Good to see more types of GBF episodes being included now, it fuels the hype train for next week.

kinda reminds me of that one movie called Spiders 3D or something, in which giant spiders invade some city in the US
and the army and CIA are involved, as well as ex soviet and ex KGB scientists

and they literally say "these aren't actually spiders. They're alien beings who assumed the physical shape of spiders for convenience, as it fit their genetical structure better"
it was glorious
terrible, but glorious

If I'm being, just, 100% honest... Avalanche Sharks sounds better than this...

Also, what is "Quake" doing in the title? An earthquake occurring before the movie starts supposedly unleashed these arachnids, but there are no quakes in the actual film. It's a monster-disaster movie without the natural disaster! What a ripoff!

Aah, Escape From Bug Island, one of my favorite time travel stories.

This movie looks stupid.
I kinda want to watch it.

Damn you Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon! I had never heard of PsychoStick until two days ago when my son came home from a concert here in Houston with a t-shirt. He played their song "Bruce Campbell" for me, proving their relevance.

I don't know. The idea of the cast taking it seriously, or at least trying to play it seriously hurts it a little.

I'll gladly watch 8 Legged Freaks any day of the week. It was goofy as hell. They were all goofy as hell. David Arquette was the lead actor. That can tell you more than I ever could.

Is it good or bad that I've seen most of the movies they mention? (As well as Arachnoquake)

I dont know how it is in the gas station in the movie, but here in eastern europe you put it in, and dont have to keep it pressed because the machine you pay at regulates the amount that gets through and they have automatic safety to not spill if disconnected.

May I recommend a similar movie to review called Big Ass Spider! It's quite an enjoyable Shlock movie, with a cast that is actually pretty nice, and it even has Lloyd Kaufman in it!

Oh yeah. I remember this one. It has the ending I stupidly joked it would be.


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