Game Theory: Super Smash Bros Tragic Hidden Lore

That was really well done; I've never really thought about this before.

Super Smash Bros Tragic Hidden Lore

Wait...Super Smash Bros. has a STORY? Like a plot that runs through all five games? YES! You heard right -- Nintendo's beloved crossover brawler has hidden lore that spans across all five games. It's a story we all can relate to, but it's also one that spells trouble for any future installments in the franchise.

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This is legitimately mind-blowing, and now I fell bad for the guy.

That's... one way of looking at it, I suppose. Anyway, nicely done, this is very interesting and informative.

Also, I agree they should just have made Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of making spin-offs and making the story more and more confusing...

...Huh. I'm beginning to see Sakurai's point here...

That was intense :P
Never thought about it that way, I guess asking Sakurai himself would be the only way to get a confirmation on this theory, it's a nice one though :D


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