Good Bad Flicks: Death Machine - Sci-Fi Action Horror

Death Machine - Sci-Fi Action Horror

The hard to find sci-fi action horror Death Machine.

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I fucking love this movie! I really hope they release the Director's Cut. That's really the only way it could be any better.

Wait... Was that a Boneless in his pants? I laughed way harder than I think I needed to with that scene...

Other than that, was the Director's Cut only released in German? If so...

Near future... wink, wink. :D

Thanks, informational and fun!

So wait... in the "near future", and it was released in 1994. So does this mean that the movie already happened? Or it's happening right now? Or maybe the movie is about to happen... I'm not really sure at what point it stops being the "near" future and starts being just "the future".

wait, germany has an uncut version? thats very rare to get there since they are all crazy with censoring to never ever land or simply dont sell movies at all.
i think i have seen this movie once. it looked very familiar. thanks for reminding me about it. should have look for it.

That movie looked a lot better when i was ten. By the looks of it i should stick with my memories of it and and never see it again.

Not as good as the 1976 movie Death Machines.

Ah, Death Machine, the little movie that could. I was one year into my current relationship when I found out my girl loved this obscure cult classic just as much as I did. It was very romantic moment indeed.

the antithesis:
Not as good as the 1976 movie Death Machines.

I like the part where they throw the guy off the roof and it looks like he falls on the car from about 2 feet. It looks like they tossed the dummy from just off camera lol.

OT: I saw this flick on TV one night. It might have been SYFY or something, but it was pretty amazingly terrible in that cheesy way I love.

The movie looks fun.
I am trying my hardest to contain my absolute total surprise that a movie could get screwed over like that.

Wait what? I Receive a Warning because I post "First"? I was just an innocent action I dont deserved to be banned. Why are you so mean?!! :P Well anyway at least got some odd attention. And yes this comment is pointless so, Move along...

The uncut version was shown on UK TV roughly 20 years ago (when after midnight gore was 'a thing' for UK TV). You have provided a solid review but it's a shame you showed so much of the film. Not only have you revealed a few great moments but you gave away the ending - a fantastic culmination of brutality and hilarity.
Anyway, even if you aren't a gore fan please give this film a chance. It's great!


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