10 New Tabletop Games for Summer: The Best of Origins 2015

10 New Tabletop Games for Summer: The Best of Origins 2015

The best games we played at Origins 2015, all coming to stores and Kickstarters near you this summer.

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Definitely some stuff there my board game club will enjoy!

I think I may go for Bring Out Yer Dead and Three Cheers for Master straight away! :D

EDIT: Turns out Bring Out Yer Dead is availiable in the US only at the mo... i'll wait for a UK release...

Some friends and I provided playtesting feedback on Tesla vs. Edison. This game, for lack of a better word, is terrible. The various "luminaries" you can recruit are almost identical, with only slight variations in their areas of expertise (finance vs engineering, etc). The propaganda cards are boring and uninspired, only moving the DC vs. AC tracks 1 or 2 in a given direction. And the stock market track? Completely over-complicated and unnecessary. Our group provided this feedback to the designers/developers, but after seeing the demos that were running at Origins, few if any changes were actually made. Give this one a pass.

However, Three Cheers for Master was an unexpected delight. It's a neat "take that!" filler game with some spatial reasoning elements and a gleefully dark sense of humor. I played a friend's copy and am looking at picking up one of my own!


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