Escapist Podcast: 186: E3 Hype Train - Choo Choo

186: E3 Hype Train - Choo Choo

What game do we think are legitimately worth getting hyped about?

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Yay, Sarah is in the podcast! :D

I've been trying to avoid the E3 hype train, but I think it's too late for me. I'm super curious to know what Bethesda will do since this is their first E3, and maybe they will do a walk through with Fallout 4 like they did with Skyrim a few years back. That would be fun.

I just want The Last Guardian. I doubt it will be there, but I will fangirl the fuck out if they show it. I'm also curious to know what the new Zelda game will be like and if it goes back to that wonderment of exploring. That was part of the fun for me with Zelda and why I like A Link to the Past and Ocarina. We'll see.


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