How A "Little Toy" Became the Successful Wargaming Inc

How A "Little Toy" Became the Successful Wargaming Inc

Using Civilization as his MBA, Victor Kislyi turned a a small stipend from his father into the hugely successful developer Wargaming, Inc.

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Was a very interesting read, even if I already know all of it.

Still, WarGaming should not lie. With their recent push at milking premium tanks, harming tech trees and not thinking over Server exclusive features and tanks, not wanting to help my poor fellow bulagrians move to the EU server...

Well they are in it for the money ONLY at this point.

I'm interested in these guys, though not from a World of "x" perspective.

It's due to their acquisition of Master of Orion and intent to release a new iteration of the game.

That was the game that hooked me on PC gaming, I'll always have a fondness for it.

Victor Kislyi is a cool guy, very entertaining in interviews.

Not sure if I've ever seen him fully sober though :P

I would have never guessed Wargaming started from such humble beginnings. The more you know.

Also I have more tank battles under my belt than the CEO of Wargaming! XD


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