8 Awesome Game Trailers from E3 2015

8 Awesome Game Trailers from E3 2015

There were plenty of great trailers shown at E3 this week, but these eight were some of the best.

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Prepare yourself for the people who feel it necessary to point out every time that trailers aren't trustworthy and that you be a corporate sellout for this list...add snark for extra flavour!

Ghost recon?? Oh I missed that one! Future soldier was a whole lot better than I expected. Such a pity I was a late buyer. Those AI companions are a helluva lot more trustworthy than any human. And when we'd get a synchronised stealth quad headshot, well dayumm...it felt good!

That Horizon looks intriguing even if the premise is somewhat bizarre.

I am absolutely, unreservedly thrilled to see more South Park as a game. For a first major entry, SoT was shockingly good.

"Star Wars: Battlefront"
That game came out for the original xbox and PS2, it's not news. If you have info on Battlefront 3 however, I think we'd all like to hear it.

Gotta admit, there look to be some good ones, like Dishonored 2, Horizon (I'm intrigued by the setting, and I'd be lying if I said the robot creatures didn't look cool), and especially South Park: Shattered Yet Whole. It's cool that they're changing genres, this should be very entertaining...

I was excited for Battlefront, but then I heard that space battles won't be available at launch.

Good list, though I would like to throw my own personal opinion with regards to "Ghost Recon Wildlands":

I would like a return to the more open mission levels of the original "Ghost Recon", but I am VERY wary of "GR" going full sandbox. Let's just say, I don't want this to turn into "Assassin's Creed: Advanced Warfighter".

Anyone else think the voiceover guy for Dishonored 2 was phoning it in? He just didn't really draw me into that game at all.


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