8 Weird Sports Games that Actually Exist

8 Weird Sports Games that Actually Exist

We see new sports games every year, but these weird sports games only come along every so often.

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Don't let Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden's looks take you away. It's actually a pretty compelling piece of art.

Blood Bowl is the single greatest sport ever created. No question about that.

Rockstar Table Tennis is without doubt the most surprisingly good game I've ever played. And it only cost me $5!

That said, the latter parts of the game are beyond infuriatingly difficult, from memory.

Super Baseball 2020? It was like Base Wars except next gen, and it was AWESOME!

No kudos to Deathrow?


Deathrow is set in the year 2219, where Blitz is the world's most popular sport. Players attempt to toss a disc through a hoop while avoiding full-contact from their opponents, including punches, kicks, throws, and stomps. Like a futuristic rugby, the sport combines elements of hockey, basketball, and full-contact American football. Critics compared the game's mechanics to Discs of Tron, Mortal Kombat, Blood Bowl, Final Fantasy X‍ '​s Blitzball, Blades of Steel, and Speedball, and its aesthetic to that of Blade Runner. The game's premise was also compared to the 1975 film Rollerball.

R*'s Table Tennis gave me idea for a list of these oddball games some studios have in their portfolio. You know, the titles you wouldn't expect being made by these devs in particular. Like mentioned here Table Tennis, or IOI's Mini Ninjas... a game made by people behind series like Hitman or Kane and Lynch.

Mutant league hockey was better imo. You could win every match by killing the entire enemy team and not scoring once. Setting up for this was criminally easy since you could put in enforcers whose stats were crazy good and they could kill enemy team members very fast.

In this league, there are no referees, no rules, no fouls, and the use of weapons is completely OK. Body checks are common, bombs and ninja stars sometimes appear on the court, and it's basically a free-for-all. You know, kind of like the NBA today.

This is sarcasm, right? These days the NBA is a freaking hugbox that's part basketball and part acting. MVP candidates like Harden and LBJames have entire compilations on youtube dedicated to their flopping/acting careers. Some of the softest contact is called for fouls these days. If you took the Bad Boys and put them in today's league, I have no doubts that Mahorn, Laimbeer, Rodman, *and* Thomas would all have been fouled out of the game before the first half ends.

Against the old Pistons, every drive will get you contact for sure. And these days, almost any bit of contact get a foul thanks to the oversensitivity of the refs that act like babysitters on the court. That's how Harden became a MVP candidate last season. The man draws fouls like nobody else, and when he gets to the line, he doesn't miss. Yea, Harden's a good player, but his reliance of fouls is such a necessary part of his career, that I think it's possible to say that he wouldn't be as great of a player as he is in the old days, back when refs didn't act like sensitive pre-school teachers.

No, the NBA is a hug box. I wouldn't be surprised if next season all of the mascots should be replaced with Disney characters and uniforms add knee pads and helmets so they players don't get hurt anymore. Especially after Curry's hard fall in game 4 against the Rockets.


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