The Cosplay Closet: Elsa Cosplay in Your Everyday Wardrobe

Elsa Cosplay in Your Everyday Wardrobe

How to work Elsa from Frozen into your daily wardrobe.

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I was wondering when the cosplay video was going to show.

Overall, I liked it and I can't wait to see more of it!

Ooo this is a good idea for a show. I like this. More please!

I love it! I especially like the breakdown of each piece used in the overall outfit...

Now, to wait for the next video...

Pretty interesting idea. One criticism though:

I actually have no idea what I'm doing, and I'm definitely not qualified to be giving makeup tutorials.

Why do it then? I'd imagine that line was there for humor, but it honestly seems pretty unprofessional to be showing how to do something and then say "I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm not qualified for this" as you're doing it, considering the show is featured content on a website. Otherwise, not a bad episode.

Wow. And I thought games were an expensive pastime. <.<

Neat to see what goes into making all these outfits ya see people wearing to cons, expos, and what not. :)

Looking forward to more.

Huh. Well, that was... Different.

Not sure what to say really. Interesting concept.
I do like cosplay, but... I'm not really into 'fashion' and makeup and stuff... Not nearly girly enough for that most of the time...
I wear makeup like maybe once a year or something... >_>

Still, it was a cute outfit... ^_^

Definitely a show I'll be following.

Imp Emissary:
Wow. And I thought games were an expensive pastime. <.<

Eesh, no kidding. It wasn't that bad until they got to the skirt and petticoat. Either way, it's a nice outfit and a nifty series concept. Good work everyone.

So, Chloe Dykstra has a tri-force tattoo on her left arm? (See at 2:33.) Confirmed gamer girl. (Also, Companion Cube sweater = curry instant favor.)

This is a unique concept--bringing cosplay into normal every day fashion. I see ladies as being better able to pull this off than men. That being said, here's my request:

How can I get a little Borderlands-style colorful cel shading into a man's everyday wardrobe? I feel like channeling a little Handsome Jack on some days could get help me grenade jump up the corporate ladder.



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