Arkham Knight Leave You Bummed? Cheer Up With Batman Fan Art

Arkham Knight Leave You Bummed? Cheer Up With Batman Fan Art

The Escapist and DeviantArt have teemed up to bring you some of the best Batman fan art the internet can provide.

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I know it may sound lame but I appreciate the Escapist's understanding. The third installment was a pain in the ass to get through, I seldom found myself having any fun only to get to the end and have it end like that on top of everything else. I think Rocksteady REALLY didn't want anyone touching the Arkham franchise after them so they basically decided to shit all over it so no one else could have it. And the way they went about the whole thing was just stupid. How many times has Batman already been in the situation Scarecrow put him in at the end. He has contingency plans for everything including plans for taking down the league but no plans for that. Where was Nightwing when that was all going down? And the reveal of the Arkham Knights identity was beyond lame. After that I just wanted to see the ending and get it over with but the game just went on and on with needless padding. After the years of anticipation I paid $60 just to get screwed over. It's no wonder there was such a push for pre-orders and DLC up fornt. There's no way anyone is going to buy a season pass now.


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