World of Warships Preview - I Sank Your Battleship

World of Warships Preview - I Sank Your Battleship

With World of Warships now in open beta, The Escapist takes a look at what all its new players can expect.

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Just had a battle where I sank 7 ships, I think that's better than I imagine sex to be. It even had a climax where my whyoming and another were the last major ships in the battle and we beat the absolute hell out of each other. 10/10 would be at the edge of my seat again.

Err you got Destroyers and Cruisers the wrong way round.

The average US WW2 destroyer had 5 5 inch guns as opposed to USS Cleveland's 12 6 inch guns

One of the few times I can say I was a Closed Beta Tester. Even the little improvements I saw from when I first started playing in April have really added to the experience. You don't have to spend money on this game if you don't want to but I like it enough to have already dropped some change on the counter for it.

In two months I'll be back on the ocean waves again. Two months...

This and WoT have got me seriously addicted to online war arcade games.


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