Anime Expo Cosplay Day 2 - JUST DO IT!

Anime Expo Cosplay Day 2 - JUST DO IT!

Anime, comics, games, and... Shia LeBeouf? AX 2015 had it all. Check out a slice in our gallery covering some of the cosplay from day 2!

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lawl at the shia cosplay, that's awesome.

surprisingly recognized about 90% of these costumes, I really need to figure out where/when one of these are close to me..I'd love to pick an easy outfit and join in on this fun.

Cool cosplaying once again shown!
I wish I'd be able to go to one of these, but no big convention are held in the Country I live in so I'd have to abroad, and abroad costs money, especially were the big ones are :/
Maybe someday...
Until then I'll have to look a the nice costumes via the internet :D

One day I will gather the courage to do something like this...

Well... I will also find someone to go with too!

I'm probably the only person who saw Ayla on 18 and the only thing that occurred to me was blonde Betty Rubble.


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