Anime Expo Cosplay Day 4 - Farewell AX 2015

Anime Expo Cosplay Day 4 - Farewell AX 2015

Anime Expo 2015 was one of the best AX's in years, featuring vastly improved registration line management, great panels, and of course, fantastic cosplay. Here's our final look at the cosplay of AX 2015.

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Aw, the little Mini-nokes are adorable! Admittedly, I grew up with Totoro, so for all I know she has an army of little Mononokes in the movie.

To be fair, last year's registration line situation would be very easy to beat considering how awful it was. :P

Had a real fun time this year, especially since it felt a little less crowded. Though that may have been my imagination since the registration was much better. Despite the crowds, I still recommend AX to anyone interested in going.

I'm always a sucker for a really hot Yoko cosplay.
And that Deathstroke with the Deadpool head is hilarious!


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