Releasing The Patch For Space Travel

Releasing The Patch For Space Travel

Releasing the patch for space travel

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Holy Shit! You guys just made me realize that No Man's Sky is Star Ocean 3 brought to life!
And the guy behind it is trying to be a real life Luther!
All he has to do is change the name of Hello Games to Sphere Corp., wait until No Man's Sky has become a worldwide sensation, then send in his Proclaimers, Convictors, and Enforcers to delete the universe one galaxy at a time.

Chaos ensues.

He's even mentioned and talked about his "test bots," proof that he's already preparing his angelic army.

Ah, the Spoiler Warning reference. ;)

Reginald Cuftbert still lives! Even if just as references in an unrelated comic.

Nice to see another reference to Shamus's series. Who would be running the computers if we were in the matrix though?


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