Review: Flower

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Would like to make this my phones message alert : D

Definitely worth playing. Fun and beautiful.

While this game looks very pretty, im not sure if the gameplay is worth buying.

Susan Arendt is one of my favorite editors ever.
Scratch that. The BEST.

If only it was for the PC.

Other than that, the narrative is really what made this video. Especially the "Wheeeee". That part was excellent.

I have desided to buy the game... Just because its pretty.

Good times.

I have desided to buy the game... Just because its pretty.

Good times.

I did the same. :)

I'm super excited for the 'Artistic gaming showdown: Flower vs Braid!' thread that is inevitably coming.

Actually wait, this is the Escapist. I'm super excited for the 'FLOWER GRAPHIX: VERY AWESOME OR SORTA LESS AWEESOME???' thread.

Ouch. On topic I think that Flower looks surreal. I don't think I've seen a game that is as serene as it so far. It'll be interesting to play it...if I do.

I love it. I just downloaded it and it's one of the best ways you could possibly spend 10 dollars. So peaceful and relaxing. I'd give it a ?/? because you just can't put something like this into a numerical value. It's too unique.

It.. left me a bit different. Hard to explain but there was something truly beautiful there... Buy it, it's short but if you have a PS3 you owe it to yourself, the pricing is definitely justifiable.

If only it was for the PC.

I dunno if it would really feel right without motion sensitivity. And in case you mention the Wii, I don't think it could actually handle the graphical detail.

I really enjoy watching this.

Really dont know what to make of this game..
Somehow it looks really interesting, but on the other hand it looks like something that i would get tired of after 2 minutes..

If many escapists recommend it in the end i MIGHT just give it a go..

I absolutely loved it. Strangely enough, my girlfriend didn't. She said it was boring and pointless...aaah, simple minded little thing, but I love her.

I guess you've got to have a certain gaming background, so you can see what flower trully is : something new in videogames, something few have dared to make, and when you've played videogames since the late 80's you can fully grasp why is this such a big deal, why is flower so special.

A true breath of fresh air, loved every second of it (plus the trophies are fun).

I don't know, for some reason reading that kinda cinched it for me that I'll be getting a PS3 as soon as I get a disposable income.

Oh wow. When I was a little girl I pretended that I could control the wind. I am also a huge flower child.

I just let my boyfriend know that I'm stealing his PS3 to play this game.

So good for the eyes and ears.
At some point I was dumb enough to question if the rocks where you fly around was part of stonehenge, not the main rocks though.

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