DING! The Escapist Turns 10!

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DING! The Escapist Turns 10!

Looking back at 10 wonderful years of The Escapist.

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Happy birthday to the Escapist! I do miss the weekly topic though, but I'm happy to have been here for a good bit of it, in part as a non-member lurker, the rest as a forum perusing comment machine. :)

Congratulations The Escapist! Here's to 10 more years!

I think that this is mandatory

Damn... Them NERF Wars did bring a new meaning to the term "Nerf or nothing" with the NERFdome reminding me of the PVP in Demon's Souls...

Other than that, Happy 10, Escapist! Files in pdf format will never go out of style! Nevah~!

Meh, it's an okay site. The best has been the guest content in the form of videos and for that I thank The Escapist. When it comes to articles and news however, I find that the last 3-4 years have been grueling and discouraged me from clicking almost anything in the sidebar.

Here's to the hope that in the next ten years we will see less click-bait and more genuine work.

Damn, NERF Wars...

That does bring back the memories of when I was lurking around back in the day. And now I feel old....


To another ten years! :D

10 years already? Wow. Congrats to the site.

I joined in 2009, lurked since 2008.
Happy birthday Escapist!

Can't really place any fondest memories as there happens a lot here. These past few years the Barclays Premier League user group has been one of my central points on this site. Discussing one of my passions with other people, and sometimes even getting into small fights (looking at you @razer17 >:D ) but still always enjoying myself and learning new stuff.

The people here are great whom I've had contact with, even if I don't PM people or get to know people any more than a few quotes in a thread here and there.

I have also always/usually stayed out of the "big topics" ( for example: MassEffect3 ending, Sarkeesian and latest GG) since I just have my own opinion on the matter, which most often is "I don't really care". Not maybe the best attitude, and I do have thoughts on the matter, just don't care enough to voice them or get too involved.

So let's hope here is to another 10 years, with great/fun articles and new shows and other material!!
Keep going strong!

Wow. 10 years huh?

And I've been here for 8 of them... >_>
(Yes, I started coming here in 2007, when ZP started, and video content started to be introduced).

I remember someone showing me ZP for the first time... And getting hooked on the videos and articles.
I certainly miss the old weekly magazine-like structure. It had a few elements to it which seem to have been lost in translation somehow...

I was never much of a forum user, which explains why I didn't create an account until 2009. But still... I have fond memories of Doomsday arcade, 'there will be brawl', and the various animated series there's been.

Also, for being introduced to the LRR guys. They are awesome. Still to this day get sucked into watching Desert bus non-stop whenever it's on.

Then there were the controversies. Like the events that led to Extra Credits leaving, and the wider problems that seemingly came to light as a result.

The comings and goings of Many Editors In Chief. Greg Tito. Suzan Arendt. Russ Pitts. Steve Butts...

Eh. You hang around somewhere long enough you start to sound like an old fart, talking about the 'good old days'. XD

Side note:

Once again you aren't checking your articles for the consequences their formatting has when used with Pub-club single page view.

There's 5 videos that all decided to auto-play at once. It's really annoying. >_>

Congratulations from a n00b!

Until last year, I was at best an accidental browser. However, this site really distinguished itself from the competition by not going all the way down the road to humorless scolding, as was the tenor of the times. For that I salute you, and now this is my go-to site for muh gaming needs.

Happy Birthday, Escapist!
It feels like only yesterday I was a wee boy introduced to Yahtzee and good ol' Jim, and joined my first RP.
Yet here I am, a player in the longest roleplaying thread on the site. It feels good.

... Oh, and of course the friendship and stuff.
All the more people to put in my basement.


It seems like only yesterday that I first inquisitively joined this community after spending enough time observing the proceedings from a distance. The resulting experience has considerably enriched my life and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I think I feel more platonic love for my fellow beings now than I ever have before. Congratulations on ten great years, Escapist. Here's to the next ten! :D

* * *


It's interesting how the 2nd video Escapist use to mark their 10th Anniversary is from a series which is discontinued by a creator who is no longer with the site.

It reminds us of how much has been lost over the years.

Happy birthday, that's a long time in Internet years. Myself, I first found this site when one of my brother's friends showed me ZP in 2009. Went back the following year to watch some more, and by chance found the forum sidebar and interesting threads within. Before I knew it, I had signed up to the site and the rest is history :-)

They grow up so fast. Here's to you!


Congratualtions to all the staff and those who have come and gone along the way.

Happy Birthday!

I have been with you for only half of that time, but I can honestly say that (besides google) this is the site I have used, use, and will continue to use the most!

Thank you for all the memories.

I quite miss De-Rez.

The live action Resident Evil video they did was one of the things to direct me to the site.

A couple of highlights were White Guy Defense Force and Sonic '06 is Objectively Better Than Portal. Oh, and a couple of EternalNothingness threads that are probably better left where they are.

Other than that, pre-August last year when there was lots of great content and staff was pretty great.

Here you go.


Congratulations, I wish all the best in the next 10 years.

However, as a long time user, I cannot help but think of all the things I used to come to the escapist for which have all left. The Jimquisition, Loading Ready Run, MovieBob. These were the main reasons for me to come and I hate to say it, but right now there is not much for me anymore. I have always loved what the escapist stands for, but the content has taken a very serious hit the last 2 years.

*beats up the nerds on the website* Shuddup, you're like 10.

Oh my oh my oh my. TEN years?!? Would you like your shawl, grandma?

Happy birthday, Escapist. May your years to come be filled with strange smells and commuting nightmares. You know, regular work stuff.

I hope somebody brought cookies or something to the office.

Arrived in 2007, right as ZP began!
*starts doing the opening theme song* Tu-du-du-du-duduh!!! <3


Wanted to post something witty here but eh. Let's drink to atleast another 10 years!

Man...I remember joining back when I was a happy, bushy-tailed college student with his whole life ahead of him with hopes and dreams...

What happened??!?!

OT: Great to see my website home still kicking. There have been some high times and there have been some low times. May the highs last a little longer and the lows go away because no one likes the lows.

Quaaludes for everyone!

Has it been 10 years? Wow where does the time go. I joined in 2009 having been lured here by Unskippable. Lurked around a bit before deciding I wanted to contribute to some of the topics that cropped up on the forums. It's been an interesting ride.

Nerf Wars, Apocalypse Lane, There Will Be Brawl, Unskippable... So many series and memories already...

Its been a strange few years but I've enjoyed most of it. Let's see you hit your twenties. :D

Congratulations! Or something.

Is a good site.

My best memory of this place is that I met the love of my life here.

Granted, things are going poorly right now because he wants to be a poop...

Also, I figured y'all would have made a badge for this. Unless you have and I'm dumber/blinder than I thought?

Ain't wha' it was, but sure still got a pulse. Roll out the cakes!

10 years is pretty long to be kicking these days. Congratulations, and here's to at least a few more. :3

I think I have so much to owe to this site, like most, I started lurking around 2008, drawn by ZP's review of The Orange Box (nope, I don't feel old...), fell in love with the weekly topics (I miss those...) and I just stayed for everything else (I miss those great videos...).

Here's a toast for The Escapist that was, in the (vague) hopes it returns to full form in the future, hopefully soon. May this site turns another 10.



If only I had joined when Yatzee mention his video were moved onto here.

Either way, congrat and here hoping for another 10 years more!

Happy birthday you wonderful spot of the internet.
Congratulations to you and all of your contributors, editors, moderators and denizens.

Wow, hard to believe it's been ten years already! Here's to another 10 more! (Blows party horn)

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