SDCC 2015 Cosplay Day 2 - All Aboard the Nostalgia Train

SDCC 2015 Cosplay Day 2 - All Aboard the Nostalgia Train

It's issue 2 of our Comic Con cosplay collection! Flip through the pages to see some amazing cosplay of Agent Carter, League of Legends, Marvel Comics, and even a Brave Little Toaster.

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wow some of those are frickin impressive (splinter, groot, and samara all had me wow'd)

groot must be a fucking 7 foot giant, fucking so tall in that picture.

loved the brave little toaster cosplay, even if that clown scares the piss out of me, it's a classic movie.

Was not expecting a Slash cosplay XD

Red Card Katarina...mmmmmmmmmmm...

On a more serious note: that Splinter get-up was fantastic.

Bloody hell... That lass in the Xena cosplay looks A LOT like Lucy Lawless in that pic! Spot on!

They also need to make a comic where Wolverine and Deadpool at at those proportions. A tiny Deadpool taking on a giant Wolverine... it would be epic!

That Samara is me! I was the face model they used for the character! I have a facebook fan page if you want to check me out!


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