Self/less - Brain/less, Life/less, Point/less, and Risk/less

Self/less - Brain/less, Life/less, Point/less, and Risk/less

Self/less is a science fiction movie with a lot of potential, but wastes it in favor of shootouts and chase scenes.

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Poor Ryan Reynolds. He was doing all right until Chris Pratt came along and out-Reynolds him at everything.

Hmm, was ready to give this one a miss (especially since this is the first I've even heard of it) but then you mentioned Tarsem Singh. I've only seen two movies by him, Immortals and The Fall. The first of those was...alright I guess. I think I have a soft spot for it because I love Greek myth and saw it on a date. But The Fall I absolutely love because holy shit its gorgeous. And actually has a decent and actually kind of complex story to it. Seriously, go watch it, you need to see it at least once.
By the sounds of it this is just a generic shoot 'em up though and has none of Tarsem's signature batshit crazy visuals, which kind of makes me wonder what the point of getting him to do it was...

I wonder if people today can handle a more deliberately paced and thoughtful movie like The idea being, an old man, even in a young body, is an old man. He has the weight of a lifetime on his shoulders.

1966. 49 years ago. Movies were very different then.

Hollywood has a real fetish for trying to turn science into black magic.
I really wish they would stop making this kind of movie and grow up.

You can't just browse through a science magazine, pick a tech at random, remove the actual science, make it evil, than churn out a movie and expect it to be intellectual or thought provoking.

Seriously I think tech thrillers peaked in the 80's. They're just too cowardly to attack anything controversial I think.


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