Take My Money: The Best Merch Of San Diego Comic-Con

The Best Merch Of San Diego Comic-Con

A special episode this week right from the show floor of Comic-Con!

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I hope the George Plushie says "I'm gonna kill everyone you ever loved"

Sounds about right!

I know you guys have a set style in which you do these videos but at the "next level" portion of the video you put the title bar directly over the comics the guy was presenting.
The video editor should have fixed that.

This show makes me sad as it is the opposite of a consumer advocacy, it is advertisement.
It shouldn't be "shut up and take my money" but "shut up and earn my money".
Anyway have fun celebrity stupidity.

So many beautiful things I could never afford.

I've known about geek chic for a long time and have always dreamed of owning one of their custom gaming tables...
Those things are beautiful.

For me these videos will nearly always be featuring 'objects of desire' things that given the prices and import duties I'd have to pay (not to mention the predations of real life upon my savings) will be out of reach.
Nevertheless I'm still interested to see said things.
A little bit of free advertisement for relatively smaller businesses is a nice bonus, though as I said no matter how much I wants the precious, precious things I cannot have them.


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